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3.6 /5 (Hotel Veenus International Reviews)
Very Good

By Dibya Sharma

on 19 October, 2014


It was a nice experience staying at Hotel Venus. The facilities were very good and so was its location. 5 min distance from railway station and all auto driver know this hotel. The staff was good and service was good. The rooms were big. They need to improve their hygiene though.

By Suhas Vidwans

on 04 November, 2013


A very nice and proper place to stay as a tourist.

By Mahendra Chinta

on 24 May, 2013


First of all, hotem was denying here was any booking at all. I had to call customer support and seek their help in this regard. After receiving call from Customer support, Hotel Manager was saying, he wrote a mail to Make my Trip for some clarification and have not received any reply. I dont understand how can he deny that he has nto received any information from Make My Trip on my booking. Riduclous behavious fo staff. They were behaving as if doing some great favour (free service) to me, by accomadating me in their hotel. Demand a strict warning to this hotel, not to behave like this in future.

By Ashok Sharma

on 03 September, 2014


Hospitality was not there. We stayed on the other hotel.

Hotel Veenus International Map Location, Amritsar Hotel

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