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By Manikandan Venkataramani

on 27 May, 2015


Place is in the city, easy to locate with maps. Good place, rooms are spacious, had enough space to put an extra bed, very clean and well maintained. Complimentary breakfast had few options, but food is tasty and good for our surprise, they had complimentary chips, dairy chocolate and couple of soda.

By Partha Sarathy

on 19 May, 2015


Travel tips and brochures with details of tourist spots around the city will help. Overall the hospitality of the hotel team was superb, with everyone willing to help! Our family enjoyed the stay and retain pleasant memories.

By Shuba Srinivasan

on 30 March, 2015


Helpful and friendly staff. Restaurant is new and hence needs improvement. Neat and clean room. Facilities like toilet tissue tissue and hangers were not available. Located close to the main road and hence transport not an issue. Overall good.

By Paul Kapiloff

on 27 January, 2015


Upscale, new, clean hotel with good AC, fan, oversize towels, and wifi that, in my room, works poorly. It regularly loses connectivity and has to be restarted with the username and password that the hotel provides. I asked if they would change my room and they seemed to have agreed but then completely forgot. When it works, the WiFi is medium fast. The bed is made without a top sheet, which I did not discover until I crawled in at 11 pm. I called the front desk after cursing aloud but not too loud and it arrived soon. Attractive metal canisters labeled soap, shampoo, or moisturizer are hung strategically in the bathroom and cosmetic nook with mirror, the shower water is hot and plentiful, the bathroom seems like it was constructed according to modern standards. They should consider having a shower curtain - the toilet gets very wet. There was no toilet paper. I called in a request at 10 pm and it arrived promptly. The 5 story hotel is on a relatively quiet NS side street between two busy EW streets and the windows are multiple paned. Although I did not explore much, it seems like the neighborhood is not geared to tourist traffic. I walked four blocks in one direction and then several more in the other and did not see a restaurant I would feel comfortable eating in. Most had no table, some had a single table or perhaps two. I am sure if I stayed longer I had get a fix on the city and feel okay taking a tuk tuk to one of the restaurants at the top of tripadvisors list but this night I concluded I might have a hard time finding my way back. The next morning the front desk called and offered me breakfast even though it had not been included in the room rate. The breakfast was spare but decent. When I returned to the room the bed had been made without, of course, the top sheet and the windows were wide open. I hope the housekeeping staff redoes the bed with clean sheet and pillowcase when they learn I have only stayed one night. The management seems well-meaning and works hard but seems unprepared. The front desk seems to have too much going on for just one person. Housekeeping is inconsistent.

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