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As most of the luxurious and budget hotels in Guwahati are strategically located, tourists can conveniently access almost all corners of the city. Apart from exploring the region, tourists can enjoy a boat cruise on the river or spend quality time in the Accoland Amusement Park. They can also plan excursions to other cities of the North-Eastern region by availing travel assistance from the hotel in which they are staying. Those seeking more details on Guwahati budget hotels and the recreational activities which this city offers can visit

Ginger Hotel - Guwahati

10.2 km from Guwahati railway station, 1.1 km from Borbari bus stand, 6.7 km from Guwahati Zoo, Conference room, Restaurant, Cafe Coffee Day... more »
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Ginger Hotel - Guwahati-Ginger-Hotel-Guwahati-last-Minute-Single.jpg, Guwahati Ginger Hotel - Guwahati-Ginger-Hotel-Guwahati-last-Minute-Double-1.jpg, Guwahati Ginger Hotel - Guwahati-Ginger-Hotel-Guwahati-last-Minute-Double-2.jpg, Guwahati Ginger Hotel - Guwahati-Ginger-Hotel-Guwahati-last-Minute-Double-3.jpg, Guwahati Ginger Hotel - Guwahati-200x150_Ginger_Hotel_Guwahati_Room_2.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Silk Route

1.5 km from Guwahati Railway Station, 6 km from Guwahati Zoo, 7.5 km from Kamakhya Temple, Conference hall, Restaurant, Free Wi-Fi Locate... more »
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Hotel Silk Route-Hotel-Silk-Route-Silk-Route.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Silk Route-Silk_Route_Guwahati_Luxury_Room_room.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Silk Route-Silk_Route_Guwahati_Executive_Room_room.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Silk Route-Room_1.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Silk Route-Hotel-Silk-Route-Executive-.jpg, Guwahati

Brahmaputra Jungle Resort

Within 40 minutes drive from Guwahati Railway Station and Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Brahmaputra Jungle Resort features pool and gym. Sit... more »
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Brahmaputra Jungle Resort-Brahmaputra-Jungle-Resort-Guwahati-Non-Ac-Rcc-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Guwahati Brahmaputra Jungle Resort-Brahmaputra-Jungle-Resort-Guwahati-Rcc-Executive.jpg, Guwahati Brahmaputra Jungle Resort-Ethnic Cottage_room.jpg, Guwahati Brahmaputra Jungle Resort-RCC Deluxe_room.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Gateway Grandeur

Within 7 km radius from Guwahati railway station and Assam State Zoo, Hotel Gateway Grandeur offers conference rooms, pool, gym, spa and res... more »
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Hotel Gateway Grandeur-Hotel_Gateway_Grandeur_Guwahati_Grandeur_Bliss_room.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Gateway Grandeur-Grandeur Corporate_room.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Gateway Grandeur-King Quees Princes_room.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Gateway Grandeur-Grandeur Executive_room.jpg, Guwahati

Radisson Blu Hotel Guwahati

Live life to explore a paradise for nature lovers. Surrounded by lush greenery, just 14.4 km away from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Internati... more »

Radisson Blu Hotel Guwahati-Standard-Room---Twin_room.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Rialto

1.2 km from Guwahati Railway Station, 6.4 km from Guwahati Zoo and Botanical Garden, 7.8 km from Kamakhya Temple, Multi-cuisine restaurant, ... more »
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Hotel Rialto-Hotel-Rialto-Guwahati-Standard-Room-.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Rialto-Hotel-Rialto-Guwahati-Deluxe-.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Rialto-Hotel-Rialto-Guwahati-Executive-.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Rialto-Washroom.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel City Park

Hotel City Park is located within 500 m from Guwahati railway station and features a multi-cuisine restaurant and travel desk. Situated on ... more »
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Hotel City Park-Exterior_View_.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Nandan

Location Hotel Nandan located at G.S. Road in Guwahati is approximately 21 kilometres from the nearest airport and close to the railway stat... more »
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Hotel Nandan-Hotel_Entrance.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Nandan-Hotel-Nandan-Deluxe.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Nandan-Reception.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Nandan-Lobby.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Nandan-Sitting_Area.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Mahalaxmi Indo Myanmar

Situated close to the Railway Terminus and is within walking distance of the Road Transport Terminus, Hotel Mahalaxmi Indo Myanmar is a uniq... more »
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Hotel Mahalaxmi Indo Myanmar-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Mahalaxmi Indo Myanmar-Hotel-Mahalaxmi-Indo-Myanmar-Guwahati-Ac-Deluxe.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Mahalaxmi Indo Myanmar-Hotel-Mahalaxmi-Indo-Myanmar-Guwahati-Ac-Executive-Deluxe.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Mahalaxmi Indo Myanmar-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Mahalaxmi Indo Myanmar-Room_1.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel City palace

Situated 2.6 km from the railway station, Hotel City Palace offers a variety of facilities like travel counter, multi-cuisine restaurant and... more »
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Hotel City palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Guwahati Hotel City palace-Room_1.jpg, Guwahati Hotel City palace-Room_2.jpg, Guwahati Hotel City palace-Room_3.jpg, Guwahati Hotel City palace-Room_4.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Siroy Lily

Featuring a banquet hall, bar and restaurant, Hotel Siroy Lily is just 2.2 km from Guwahati Railway Station. Located on Solapara Road, Hote... more »
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Rajmahal Hotel

Hotel Rajmahal is located 1.6 km from Guwahati railway station and features a multi-cuisine restaurant, bar, pool, business centre and beau... more »
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Rajmahal Hotel-Rajmahal-Hotel-Standard.jpg, Guwahati Rajmahal Hotel-Rajmahal-Hotel-Prestige-Suite.jpg, Guwahati Rajmahal Hotel-Rajmahal-Hotel-Executive-Suite.jpg, Guwahati Rajmahal Hotel-Rajmahal-Hotel-Delux-Suite.jpg, Guwahati Rajmahal Hotel-room image_room.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Indira

Located within 6 minutes' drive from the Guwahati Railway Station, Hotel Indira offers travel desk and airport transfer. Hotel Indira, loca... more »
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Hotel Indira-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Indira-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Indira-Reception.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Indira-Room_1.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Indira-Room_3.jpg, Guwahati

Hotel Sunview International

A well facilitated with modern luxuries and essential services, Hotel Sunview International includes a multi-cuisine restaurant and on-sight... more »
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Hotel Dynasty

Within a 20-minute drive from international airport, Hotel Dynasty features Wi-Fi, conference halls, spa, gymnasium, travel desk and restro ... more »
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Hotel Dynasty-Hotel-Dynasty-Guwahati-Excellency-Room.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Dynasty-Hotel-Dynasty-Guwahati-Executive-Room.jpg, Guwahati Hotel Dynasty-Hotel-Dynasty-Guwahati-Majestic-Suite.jpg, Guwahati
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Guwahati Hotels Overview:

Guwahati is a hub of activity. While in Guwahati you can really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places in and around the Guwahati. When you choose to take a break in Guwahati there are many things to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in the area you are in Guwahati. There are many ways you can reach Guwahati. Guwahati is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you are visiting Guwahati next, you can come here for a family holiday, weekend break and general vacation tour. Take a break from the activities of daily life and head to Guwahati. A holiday here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.


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