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The Fern Courtyard Resort
Within 500 m from Ganpatipule Beach and Temple, 200 m from Mandir Bus Stop, 28 km from Ratnagiri Railway Station, 3 Restaurants, 3 banquet h... more »
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The Fern Courtyard Resort -Fern-Courtyard-resort-Winter-Green-Room-3.jpg, Ganpatipule The Fern Courtyard Resort -Fern-Courtyard-resort-Winter-Green-Room-1.jpg, Ganpatipule The Fern Courtyard Resort -Fern-Courtyard-resort-Winter-Green-Room-2.jpg, Ganpatipule
Shree Sagar
400 m from Ganpatipule Bus Stand, 850 m km from Ganpatipule Beach, 8.7 km from Aare Ware Beach, Pure veg garden restaurant, Indoor games, Co... more »
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Shree Sagar-Shree-Sagar-Ganpatipule-Double-Bed-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Shree Sagar-Shree-Sagar-Ganpatipule-Double-Bad-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Shree Sagar-Shree-Sagar-Ganpatipule-Four-Bed-Non-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Shree Sagar-Shree-Sagar-Ganpatipule-Three-Bed-Non-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Shree Sagar-Shree-Sagar-Ganpatipule-Double-Bad-Non-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule
Shiv Sagar Palace
Around 800 m from Ganpatipule Temple, 400 m from Ganpatipule Beach, In-house restaurant, Conference hall, Internet, Meeting rooms, Indoor/Ou... more »
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Shiv Sagar Palace -Room.jpg, Ganpatipule Shiv Sagar Palace -Garden Area.jpg, Ganpatipule Shiv Sagar Palace -Room 1.jpg, Ganpatipule Shiv Sagar Palace -Restaurant.jpg, Ganpatipule
Tranquillity Beach Resort
Tranquillity Beach Resort, situated within 5 km from Ganpatipule Bus stand and Ganpatipule Beach, features dining hall, internet and confere... more »
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Tranquillity Beach Resort-Tranquillity-Beach-Resort-Ganpatipule-Konkani-Huts-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipul Tranquillity Beach Resort-Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Ganpatipule Tranquillity Beach Resort-Cottage_Exterior_1.jpg, Ganpatipule Tranquillity Beach Resort-Cottage_Exterior_2.jpg, Ganpatipule Tranquillity Beach Resort-Cottage_Exterior_3.jpg, Ganpatipule
Abhishek Beach Resort
Offering splendid views of the Arabian Sea, Abhishek Beach Resort is roughly a 45-minute drive from Ratnagiri Railway Station. The property... more »
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Hotel Abhishek -Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Abhishek -Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Abhishek -Entrance_View_.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Abhishek -Room_1_.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Abhishek -Room_2_.jpg, Ganpatipule
Durvankur Hotel
Located 600 m from Ganpatipule Bus Stand and at a short walk from Ganpatipule Beach, Durvankur Hotel has an in-house vegetarian restaurant. ... more »
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Durvankur Hotel-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Ganpatipule Durvankur Hotel-Durvankur-Hotel-Ganpatipule-Ac-Room.jpg, Ganpatipule Durvankur Hotel-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Ganpatipule Durvankur Hotel-Room.jpg, Ganpatipule Durvankur Hotel-Reception.jpg, Ganpatipule
Blue Ocean Resort &Spa
Close to Ganpatipule Temple and Beach, Blue Ocean Resort & Spa is 1.1 km from Ganpatipule Bus Stand. It has restaurants and a bar. Overlook... more »
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Blue Ocean Resort &Spa-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Ganpatipule Blue Ocean Resort &Spa-Blue-Ocean-Resort-Ganpatipule-Tropical-Garden-View-Villa-.jpg, Ganpatipule Blue Ocean Resort &Spa-Blue-Ocean-Resort-Ganpatipule-Executive-Villa-.jpg, Ganpatipule Blue Ocean Resort &Spa-Blue-Ocean-Resort-Ganpatipule-Luxury-Villa-.jpg, Ganpatipule Blue Ocean Resort &Spa--Blue-Ocean-Resort-Ganpatipule-Presidential-Suite-.jpg, Ganpatipule
Madayacha Banat
The most distinguished hospitality service provide always offers calm and comfortable accommodation service with facilities doctor on call,... more »
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Madayacha Banat-Exterior_View.jpg, Ganpatipule Madayacha Banat-Madayacha-Banat-Ganpatipule-Non-Ac-Family-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Madayacha Banat-Madayacha-Banat-Ganpatipule-Executive-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Madayacha Banat-Madayacha-Banat-Ganpatipule-Non-Ac-Couple-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Madayacha Banat-Madayacha-Banat-Ganpatipule-Non-Ac-Deluxe-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule
Chaitanya Resort
Chaitanya Resort offers exquisitely furnished, air-conditioned rooms with all modern amenities and facilities. The property is located at 26... more »
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-iPhone-pics 033.jpg, Ganpatipule -Bedroom_room.jpg, Ganpatipule -Bedroom_room1409650259281.jpg, Ganpatipule -iPhone-pics 048.jpg, Ganpatipule -Bedroom1_room.jpg, Ganpatipule
Vijay Villa Homestay
The hotel offers accommodation in well-furnished rooms equipped with television, room service. Facilities available at Vijay Villa Homestay... more »
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Vijay Villa Homestay-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Ganpatipule Vijay Villa Homestay-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Ganpatipule Vijay Villa Homestay-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Ganpatipule Vijay Villa Homestay-Room_1.jpg, Ganpatipule Vijay Villa Homestay-Room_2.jpg, Ganpatipule
Hotel Krishna Sea View
If you are looking for luxurious accommodation, then 2 start hotel, Hotel Krishna Sea View would be the best option because it offers the m... more »
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Hotel Krishna Sea View-Exterior_View.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Krishna Sea View-Hotel-Krishna-Sea-View-Double-Ac.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Krishna Sea View-Room_1.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Krishna Sea View-Room_2.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Krishna Sea View-Room_3.jpg, Ganpatipule
Atithi Parinay
Atithi Parinay caters several services to the travellers. Facilities include doctor on call, dining hall, library, garden area as well as a... more »
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Atithi Parinay-Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Ganpatipule Atithi Parinay-Atithi-Parinay-Ganpatipule-Tree-House.JPG, Ganpatipule Atithi Parinay-Atithi-Parinay-Ganpatipule-Cottage-Non-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Atithi Parinay-Atithi-Parinay-Ganpatipule-Tent-Non-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Atithi Parinay-Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Ganpatipule
Nakshatra Beach Resort
A budget hotel, 5 km from the Ganpatipule Temple and Ganpatipule Bus Stand Located 5.5 kilometers from Prachin Kokan Museum, Nakshatra Be... more »
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Nakshatra Beach Resort-Topaz_room.jpg, Ganpatipule Nakshatra Beach Resort-Solitaire Room-WA007_room.jpg, Ganpatipule Nakshatra Beach Resort-Emerald_room.jpg, Ganpatipule Nakshatra Beach Resort-Washroom Topaz_room.jpg, Ganpatipule Nakshatra Beach Resort-Emerald 2_room.jpg, Ganpatipule
Hotel Landmark
Hotel Landmark is a beautiful property perched on top of a hill and spread over an expanse of 5 acres with the view of the beautiful sea bey... more »
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Hotel Landmark-_Room_1_.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Landmark-Hotel-Landmark-Ganpatipule-Ac-Room.JPG, Ganpatipule Hotel Landmark-_Room_2_.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Landmark-_Room_3_.jpg, Ganpatipule Hotel Landmark-_Room_4_.jpg, Ganpatipule
Anudeep Sadan Homestay
Anudeep Sadan offers people visiting Ganpatipule a comfortable staying option. The place provides basic facilities and can be trusted for s... more »
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Anudeep Sadan Homestay-Exterior_View.jpg, Ganpatipule Anudeep Sadan Homestay-Room_1_.jpg, Ganpatipule Anudeep Sadan Homestay-Room_2_.jpg, Ganpatipule Anudeep Sadan Homestay-Room_3_.jpg, Ganpatipule Anudeep Sadan Homestay-Room_4_.jpg, Ganpatipule

Hotels in Ganpatipule | Find 41 Ganpatipule Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Ganpatipule, India

Ganpatipule Overview: Hotels in Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule is a village in Maharashtra which is important for all Indians because it is the birthplace of Lokmanya Tilak, who was a famous leader of the nation. It is a quite village which is in the district of Ratnagiri. As the village is not touched by commercialism, so the pure Indianess is found in the place and thus there is almost six naturally beautiful beach untouched in the konkan coastline. As the myth goes, the people of the town are blessed beause Ganapatipule is the western deity of four Dwaradatas. It is the place with beautiful beach where rivers meet the Arabian sea.


Like all other coastline Ganpatipule has hot and humid climate though winter is pleasant and thus the best time to visit is from the month of October to the month of February. One can witness the Magh Chaturthi if one visits during the month of February. Tourist can reach the place by either means of transportation as Ratnagiri railway station is only 45kms away from the place and there are regular trains available to Mumbai and Pune whereas one can also reach by air Ratnagiri airport is only 50kms away from Ganapatipule; prepaid and private taxis are available both in front of the airport and railway station. Bus and taxi services are also available to reach the place. Since the place is always crowded by the devotees, the Ganpatipule Hotels provide the best facility though the place isn’t much wide but there are not wide ranges of Hotels in Ganpatipule.


Places to visit


 The Jaigad Fort – 35 kms away from Ganapatipule forming a bay as Shastri river enters the Arabian sea.


 Jaigad Lighthouse – built in 1832, the lighthouse is situated in Siddha Buruj and the light house is still functional.


 Ganpatipule beach – the beach is clean and beautiful but not safe for swimming as the beach contains rocks beneath. It is full of white sand on the beach.


 Swayambhu Ganpati Temple – the idol of Ganpati is made purely with white sand and is believed to self made and there is also a idol made of copper Water sports are very famous in the    place. And water sports is been organised by MTDC though the water complex is closed from June to October.


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