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Madhulika Hotel
Strategically located in Dhanbad, this luxury hotel offers excellent facilities and personalized services to the guests. All rooms are equi... more »
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Madhulika Hotel-Deluxe_1.jpg, Dhanbad Madhulika Hotel-Madhulika-Hotel-Executive-Deluxe.jpg, Dhanbad Madhulika Hotel-Madhulika-Hotel-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Dhanbad Madhulika Hotel-Madhulika-Hotel-Standard-Room.jpg, Dhanbad Madhulika Hotel-Deluxe_2.jpg, Dhanbad
Featuring decent and capacious rooms with modern decor and conveniences, Sonotel is located in the heart of the city. In-room amenities inc... more »
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Sonotel-Room1.jpg, Dhanbad Sonotel-Restaurant.jpg, Dhanbad Sonotel-Conference Hall.jpg, Dhanbad
Cocoon Luxury Business Hotel
Just 750 m from Dhanbad Railway Station, Business Center,Multi-cuisine Restaurant, Lounge Bar, 4.9 km from Dhanbad Airport. Cocoon Internat... more »
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Cocoon Luxury Business Hotel-Lobby.jpg, Dhanbad Cocoon Luxury Business Hotel-Club_room.jpg, Dhanbad Cocoon Luxury Business Hotel-Imperial_room.jpg, Dhanbad Cocoon Luxury Business Hotel-Cocoon Suite_room.jpg, Dhanbad
VIP Regency
VIP regency is a budget hotel located at Bank More, Dhanbad. The hotel offers various facilities to its customers as 24 hours front desk to ... more »
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VIP Regency-l_4689_1351516179.jpg, Dhanbad VIP Regency-l_4689_1351516179.jpg, Dhanbad VIP Regency-l_4689_1351516231.jpg, Dhanbad VIP Regency-l_4689_1352187615.jpg, Dhanbad VIP Regency-l_4689_1352187543.jpg, Dhanbad
Hotel VIP Regency
Hotel VIP Regency is in proximity to Bus Stand (1.4 km), Shakti Mandir (1.6 km), Dhanbad Railway Station (2.8 km), Indian School of Mines (5... more »
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Hotel VIP Regency-Reception.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel VIP Regency-Regular_room.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel VIP Regency-Deluxe_room.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel VIP Regency-Premium_room.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel VIP Regency-Standard_room.jpg, Dhanbad
Hotel Poddar Regency
Hotel Poddar Regency is located in the coal capital of India, Dhanbad. It is close to Katrasgarh Railway Station (14.8 km) and 15.4 km from ... more »
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Hotel Poddar Regency-Room.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Poddar Regency-Bedroom.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Poddar Regency-Twin Bed.jpg, Dhanbad
Geetanjali Guest House
Geetanjali guest house is a guest house establishment which offers two types of well decorated and maintained rooms to its guests namely Sin... more »

Geetanjali Guest House-l_4719_1351683719.jpg, Dhanbad Geetanjali Guest House-l_4719_1351683742.jpg, Dhanbad Geetanjali Guest House-l_4719_1351683767.jpg, Dhanbad Geetanjali Guest House-l_4719_1351683790.jpg, Dhanbad Geetanjali Guest House-l_4719_1351683767.jpg, Dhanbad
The Seventeen Degrees Hotel
Located inside Sriram Mall, 2.4 km from Dhanbad Railway Station, 3.8 km from Dhanbad Bus Stand Located at Sriram Mall in Ashok Nagar, Dhanb... more »
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The Seventeen Degrees Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Dhanbad The Seventeen Degrees Hotel-The-Seventeen-Degrees-Hotel-Presidential-Suite.jpg, Dhanbad The Seventeen Degrees Hotel-The-Seventeen-Degrees-Hotel-Deluxe.jpg, Dhanbad The Seventeen Degrees Hotel-The-Seventeen-Degrees-Hotel-Regular.jpg, Dhanbad The Seventeen Degrees Hotel-Room_1.jpg, Dhanbad
Hotel Vasundhara
Hotel Vasundhara is a budget hotel located at Hirapur, Dhanbad. It is around 4 km away from Dhanbad airport, 1 km away from Dhanbad railway ... more »

Hotel Vasundhara-l_4687_1351516048.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Vasundhara-l_4687_1351516069.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Vasundhara-l_4687_1351516087.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Vasundhara-l_4687_1351516122.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Vasundhara-l_4687_1351516158.jpg, Dhanbad
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Hotel The Castle
Hotel The Castle offers people visiting Dhanbad a comfortable and decent staying option. The hotel offers basic facilities and ensures that... more »
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Hotel The Castle-Room_1.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel The Castle-Room_2.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel The Castle-Room_3.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel The Castle-Room_4.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel The Castle-Room_5.jpg, Dhanbad
Hotel Kuber
Hotel Kuber is a budget hotel located at Luby Circular Road, Dhanbad. The hotel offers single bed rooms, double bed rooms, deluxe double roo... more »

Hotel Kuber-l_4682_1351512661.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Kuber-l_4682_1351512812.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Kuber-l_4682_1351512763.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Kuber-l_4682_1351512746.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Kuber-l_4682_1351512701.jpg, Dhanbad
Hotel Marina Inn
Hotel Marina Inn is a budget hotel located at Main Road, Dhanbad. The hotel is very particular about the check in and checkout timings as fo... more »

Hotel Marina Inn-l_4686_1351516492.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Marina Inn-l_4686_1351516517.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Marina Inn-l_4686_1351516548.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Marina Inn-l_4686_1351516605.jpg, Dhanbad Hotel Marina Inn-l_4686_1351516577.jpg, Dhanbad

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Dhanbad Overview: Hotels in Dhanbad

Dhanbad is a hub of activity. While in Dhanbad you can really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places in and around the city. When you choose to take a break in Dhanbad there are many things to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in the area you are in Dhanbad. There are many ways you can reach Dhanbad. Dhanbad is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you are visiting Dhanbad next, you can come here for a family holiday, weekend break and general vacation tour. Take a break from the activities of daily life and head to Dhanbad. A holiday here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.


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