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Silver Sands Beach Resort

Around 3 km away from Daman Airport, Silver Sands Beach Resort features a dining room, pool, fitness centre, discotheque and conference room... more »
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Silver Sands Beach Resort-Silver_Sand_Resort_Daman_Deluxe_Room_Pool_View_And_Back_View_room.jpg, Dam Silver Sands Beach Resort-Standard AC Room (Back View)_room1379527450170.jpg, Daman Silver Sands Beach Resort-Silver_Sand_Resort_Daman_Club_Luxury_Plus_Room_room1373947042145.jpg, Dama Silver Sands Beach Resort-Hotel_Silver_Sands_Beach_Resort_Daman_Deluxe_Bedroom_room.jpg, Daman

Hotel Sea Rock Inn

Hotel Sea Rock Inn, 3 km from Mirasol Waterpark and 9 km from Jampore Beach, offers conference halls, multi-cuisine restaurant, Wi-Fi and ro... more »
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Hotel Sea Rock Inn-Hotel-Sea-Rock-Inn-Supreme-Deluxe2.jpg, Daman Hotel Sea Rock Inn-Hotel-Sea-Rock-Inn-Daman-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Sea Rock Inn-Hotel-Sea-Rock-Inn-Daman-Suite-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Sea Rock Inn-Hotel-Sea-Rock-Inn-Daman-Sea-Rock-Suite-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Sea Rock Inn-Hotel-Sea-Rock-Inn-Daman-Executive-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Daman

The Gold Beach Resort

Just 600 m from Devka Beach and 3.2 km from Mirasol Water Park, The Gold Beach Resort offers a swimming pool and internet facility. Overlo... more »
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The Gold Beach Resort-The_Gold_Beach_Resort_Daman_Super_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Daman The Gold Beach Resort-The_Gold_Beach_Resort_Daman_Suite_Room_room.jpg, Daman The Gold Beach Resort-The_Gold_Beach_Resort_Daman_Suite_Room_room.jpg, Daman Hotel The Gold Beach Resort-Gold-Resort-Deluxe-Room-1.jpg, Daman Hotel The Gold Beach Resort-Gold-Resort-Deluxe-Room-2.jpg, Daman

Hotel Brighton

Location Hotel Brighton is located on Sea Face Road in Nani Daman, 2 minutes from the Daman Beach. The hotel is approximately 180 km from th... more »
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Hotel Brighton-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Brighton-Exterior_View.jpg, Daman Hotel Brighton-05b.jpg, Daman Hotel Brighton-res03b.jpg, Daman

Hotel Sai Kripa Imperial

Featuring 2 restaurants and a bar, Hotel Sai Kripa Imperial is 10.7 km from Vapi Railway Station and 5.8 km from Jampore Beach. Hotel Sai K... more »
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Sai Kripa Imperial-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Sai Kripa Imperial-Hotel-Sai-Kripa-Imperial-Daman-Executive-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Sai Kripa Imperial-Hotel-Sai-Kripa-Imperial-Daman-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Daman Sai Kripa Imperial-Restaurant.jpg, Daman Hotel Sai Kripa Imperial-Exterior View.jpg, Daman

Hotel Hill Top

Daman being the perfect weekend gateway, Hotel Hilltop located at Pataliya is ideal for both leisure and business trip alike. The hotel off... more »
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Hotel Hill Top-Exterior_View.jpg, Daman Hotel Hill Top-Room_1.jpg, Daman Hotel Hill Top-Room_2.jpg, Daman Hotel Hill Top-Room_3.jpg, Daman Hotel Hill Top-Sitting_Area.jpg, Daman

Hotel Nana's Palace

450 m from St. Jerome Fort, 1 km from Jain Temple, 2.8 km from Daman Airport, 3 km from Devka Beach. Enjoying close proximity to several ... more »
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Hotel Nana's Palace-Entrance_View.jpg, Daman Hotel Nana's Palace-Corridor.jpg, Daman Hotel Nana's Palace-Bar.jpg, Daman Hotel Nana's Palace-Restaurant2.jpg, Daman

Hotel Blue Lagoon

Within walking distance from Daman Bus Station and 2.1 km from Daman Airport, Hotel Blue Lagoon offers a restaurant and bar. Located in Dam... more »
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Hotel Blue Lagoon      -Blue-Lagoon-Daman-Sup-Deluxe-Room-3.jpg, Daman Hotel Blue Lagoon      -Blue-Lagoon-Daman-Suite-2.jpg, Daman Hotel Blue Lagoon      -Blue-Lagoon-Daman-Suite-3.jpg, Daman Hotel Blue Lagoon      -Blue-Lagoon-Daman-Suite-4.jpg, Daman Hotel Blue Lagoon      -Blue-Lagoon-Daman-Suite-1.jpg, Daman


Hotel Gurukripa is located 800 m from Daman bus station and offers a number of facilities like restaurant, doctor-on-call, Wi-Fi access and ... more »
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Gurukripa-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Daman Gurukripa-Executive_Room.jpg, Daman Gurukripa-Exterior_View.jpg, Daman Gurukripa-Gurukripa-Single.jpg, Daman Gurukripa-Restaurant_1.jpg, Daman

Hotel Sovereign - Pure Veg

Hotel Sovereign is located 2.8 km from Daman Airport. It offers facilities like restaurant, banquet/conference hall, Wi-Fi access and health... more »
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Hotel Sovereign - Pure Veg-Room_1.jpg, Daman Hotel Sovereign - Pure Veg-Room_2.jpg, Daman Hotel Sovereign - Pure Veg-Exterior_View.jpg, Daman Hotel Sovereign - Pure Veg-Corridor_2.jpg, Daman Hotel Sovereign - Pure Veg-Corridor_1.jpg, Daman

Hotel Ocean Panorama

16.4 km from Vapi Railway Station, 14.8 km from Daman Airport, 7.7 km from Church of Bom Jesus, 9 km from Vaibhav Water World, Restaurant, T... more »
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Hotel Ocean Panorama-Hotel-Ocean-Panorama-Daman-Panorama-Panorama-Deluxe.jpg, Daman Hotel Ocean Panorama-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Daman Hotel Ocean Panorama-Hotel-Ocean-Panorama-Daman-Deluxe.jpg, Daman Hotel Ocean Panorama-Hotel-Ocean-Panorama-Daman-Panorama-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Daman Hotel Ocean Panorama-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Daman

Hotel Sagar Presidency

Location Located in the heart of Daman, Hotel Sagar Presidency offers convenient access to the city bus terminus, markets and tourist areas.... more »
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Hotel Sagar Presidency-Hotel-Sagar-Presidency-Daman-Ac-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Sagar Presidency-Hotel-Sagar-Presidency-Daman-Ac-Executive-With-Bath-Tub.jpg, Daman Hotel Sagar Presidency-Hotel-Sagar-Presidency-Daman-Ac-Executive-With-Shower-Panel.jpg, Daman Hotel Sagar Presidency-Hotel-Sagar-Presidency-Ac-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Daman Hotel Sagar Presidency-Hotel-Sagar-Presidency-Ac-Executive-With-Shower-Panel.jpg, Daman
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-Room2.jpg, Daman -Room.jpg, Daman -Balcony.jpg, Daman
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-Room1.jpg, Daman Jash Villa-IMG-20141128-WA0006.jpg, Daman Jash Villa-IMG-20141128-WA0002.jpg, Daman Jash Villa-IMG-20141128-WA0003.jpg, Daman
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-Pooltable.jpg, Daman -Restaurant.jpg, Daman -Party-lawns.jpg, Daman -premium-deluxe-room.jpg, Daman -premium-deluxe-room1.jpg, Daman
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Daman Hotels Overview:

Daman is a small Union territory in between the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra and also very close to Arabian Sea. This small place was discovered by Vasco de Gama in 1498 With its best natural resources, Daman has a pride possession of heritage which is more than 2 millenniums. The history of the place dates back to 2000 years which was ruled by various ruler from first century; only when the Portuguese knew about the place in the 16th century took the port from the Shahs. With the Casuarinas windbreaks, seashores and beaches makes Daman most tourist wanted place.


Daman comes with a combination with the lazy palm trees, historical monuments and the silver sand and religious place and beaches. It is blessed with affable climate, thus there is no restriction to the tourist visit in the place and the festive season adds sparks to the place. so the best time to visit the place is during the month from October to April; winters are pleasant and cold and the summers are hot but sea breeze makes the place humid. One can reach the beautiful place by train and the nearest station is Vapi which is 12 kms away from the Territory and Daman has the small Domestic airport which connects to Baroda and Mumbai, Mumbai being the nearest international airport which is 180 kms away from Daman. Reaching the place by bus or by taxis is also an easy option for the commuters as there are luxurious private and government buses available from Mumbai and Surat.


Places to visit

 As a small town, Daman has a lot of places to visit, from Historical and cultural places to many religious places. There are Light house, Panikota Fort and St Jerime Fort, Chakratirth Beach, Devka Beach, Goghla Beach, Gomatimala Beach, Jallandhar Beach, Jampore Beach and Nagoa Beach. There are also many religious places to visit Cathedral of Bom Jesu, Church of Our Lady, St. Paul’s Church.


Daman also has wide range of shopping centre like for leather product, bamboo mats and baskets leaving the shopaholics drop with joy; moreover homemade articles available which are must buy. There are also a large number of branded liquors available.


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