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Hotel Shalom International

Hotel Shalom International is a three star property, offering comfortable accommodation to its guests along with warm hospitality. Equipped... more »
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Hotel Shalom International -Hotel-Shalom-International-Chiplun-Deluxe.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Shalom International -Hotel-Shalom-International-Chiplun-Executive-Suite.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Shalom International -Hotel-Shalom-International-Chiplun-Royal-Deluxe.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Shalom International -Exterior_View_.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Shalom International -Entrance_View_.jpg, Chiplun

The Riverview Resort

The 4-star resort, Quality Resort The Riverview is located 200 kilometers from Pune and 250 kilometers from Mumbai just off the Mumbai-Goa ... more »
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Quality Resort The Riverview-_Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Chiplun Quality Resort The Riverview-_Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Chiplun Quality Resort The Riverview-_Exterior_View_3_.jpg, Chiplun Quality Resort The Riverview-_Exterior_View_4_.jpg, Chiplun Quality Resort The Riverview-_Exterior_View_5_.jpg, Chiplun

Z-Kamats Murud Beach Resort

The Kamat Murud Beach Resort is famous for its long expanse of clean and beautiful beaches. This resort offers a perfect holiday destination... more »
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Hotel Kamal Regency

Hotel Kamal Regency offers people visiting Chiplun a comfortable staying option. Though the hotel provides limited facilities yet it can be... more »
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Hotel Kamal Regency-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Kamal Regency-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Kamal Regency-Room_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Kamal Regency-Room_2.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Kamal Regency-Room_3.jpg, Chiplun

Hotel Sailee

Located on Mumbai Goa Highway, Hotel Sailee offers lodging for guest in 11 well-furnished rooms with basic facilities and in-room amenities.... more »
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Hotel Sailee-Exterior_View.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Sailee-Room_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Sailee-Room_2.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Sailee-Room_3.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Sailee-Room_4.jpg, Chiplun

Hotel Abhiruchi

Hotel Abhiruchi offers people visiting Chiplun a comfortable staying option. Though the hotel provides limited facilities yet it can be tru... more »
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Hotel Abhiruchi-Room_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Abhiruchi-Room_2.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Abhiruchi-Room_3.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Abhiruchi-Room_4.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Abhiruchi-Room_5.jpg, Chiplun

Atithi Executive

Located on the Mumbai-Goa highway, Atithi Executive is easily accessible from Railway Station and features restaurant as well as in-room di... more »
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Atithi Executive-Room_1.jpg, Chiplun Atithi Executive-Room_2.jpg, Chiplun Atithi Executive-Room_3.jpg, Chiplun Atithi Executive-Room_4.jpg, Chiplun Atithi Executive-Room_5.jpg, Chiplun

Hotel Vaibhav

Hotel Vaibhav offers people visiting Chiplun a comfortable staying option. The hotel provides basic facilities and can be trusted for spend... more »
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Hotel Vaibhav-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Vaibhav-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Vaibhav-Room_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Vaibhav-Room_2.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Vaibhav-Room_3.jpg, Chiplun

Hotel Ayodhya

Hotel Ayodhya is a leading resort in the heart of the city. The hotel features spacious luxury rooms, television , intercom facility , roo... more »
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Hotel Ayodhya-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Ayodhya-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Ayodhya-Entrance_View.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Ayodhya-Room_1.jpg, Chiplun Hotel Ayodhya-Room_2.jpg, Chiplun


It’s a down to earth, rustic cottage giving you truly homely & eco-friendly experience of a typical village home with all neces... more »

Dongarmatha-l_3841_1343652561.jpg, Chiplun Dongarmatha-l_3841_1346846006.JPG, Chiplun Dongarmatha-l_3841_1343652577.jpg, Chiplun Dongarmatha-l_3841_1346847211.JPG, Chiplun Dongarmatha-l_3841_1346846006.JPG, Chiplun
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-Dongarmatha21-1024x680.jpg, Chiplun -pr.jpg, Chiplun -Dongarmatha7-1024x680.jpg, Chiplun -pe.jpg, Chiplun
Hotels in Chiplun : 11, Chiplun Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Chiplun, India

Chiplun Hotels Overview:

Natural exquisiteness with an aura of mist makes this beautiful city, Chiplun, a must place to visit. It is positioned in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The location of this beautiful city connects it to the Mumbai-Goa Highway. The main business of the locals here is in the Pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The city got its name because of the residence of Lord Parshuram here. The river Vashishti flows right from the city and people mostly reside on its banks. The famous Western Ghats are located to the east of the city. Chiplun is a nature blessed city within the lap of the Western Ghats on one side and Arabian Sea on the other. The city provides connection to the Western coast and the cities of Maharashtra. The town is also an admired break in your journey for those who go towards Goa via Mumbai. Some fun activities that you can do at the time of stay at Chiplun Hotels are boating on the Vashishthi River and trekking on the hills which will make your visit a worth.


You can discover miraculous exquisiteness of Chiplun by staying at hotels in Chiplun. Chiplun hotels have quaint beauty of river flowing nearby the hotels. Chiplun hotels will prove a break away from the sluggish week of work and daily routines. Some renowned spots like the Boat House and trekking joints also fall within the neighborhood of the major hotels in Chiplun. Hotels in Chiplun city offer first-class services and amazing visews. If you want to enjoy the exclusive beauty of this place then you can brace yourself for budget Chiplun hotels accordingly. Budget Chiplun hotels are selected property located close to Vashishti River. Chiplun hotels provide their guests with delicious cuisines, ultra-modern facilities and comforts of modern-day world.


Cheap Chiplun hotels are also available for voyagers who want to stay for a night or so. These cheap hotels provide good facilities with reasonable prices. You can book Chiplun hotels on Make my trip makes it comfortable to book Chiplun hotels with all the information of the city and reasonable prices of the hotels provided exclusively.


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