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The Planters Court

Located 4.6 km from KSRTC Bus stand, The Planters Court features a conference hall, multi-cuisine restaurant and gift shop. The Planters Co... more »
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The Planters Court-The-Planters-Court-Non-Ac.jpg, Chikmagalur The Planters Court-The-Chikmanglur-Economy-Room.jpg, Chikmagalur The Planters Court-The-Planters-Court-Chikmagalur-Economy-Room.jpg, Chikmagalur The Planters Court-The-Planters-Court-Chikmagalur-Standard-Economy-Room.jpg, Chikmagalur

Eagle Eye Holiday Homes

Sprawling across 130 acres of lush green area, Eagle Eye Holiday Homes offers facilities of boating and trekking. Set in the lap of nature,... more »
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Eagle Eye Holiday Homes-Eagle_Eye_Holiday_Resort_Regular_Villas_room.jpg, Chikmagalur Eagle Eye Holiday Homes-Eagle-Eye-Holiday-Homes-Chikmagalur-Villa.jpg, Chikmagalur Eagle Eye Holiday Homes-Eagle-Eye-Holiday-Homes-Chikmagalur-Sky-Walk-Villa.jpg, Chikmagalur Eagle Eye Holiday Homes-Eagle-Eye-Holiday-Homes-Chikmagalur-Tree-House.jpg, Chikmagalur Eagle Eye Holiday Homes-Eagle-Eye-Holiday-Homes-Chikmagalur-Glass-House.jpg, Chikmagalur

Hotel Rajmahal

Hotel Rajmahal, situated on Indira Gandhi Road, is a standard accommodation facility in Chikmagalur. The hotel offers 60 rooms, which are f... more »
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Hotel Rajmahal-Hotel-Rajmahal-Chikmagalur-Service-Apartement.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Rajmahal-Hotel-Rajmahal-Chikmagalur-Ac-Room.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Rajmahal-Facade.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Rajmahal-Facade1.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Rajmahal-Lobby.jpg, Chikmagalur

The Taj Gateway Hotel KM Road

5.2 km from City Market, 7.8 km from Chikmagalur Railway Station, Business centre, Restaurant & bar The Gateway Hotel KM Road Chikmagalur i... more »


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The Gateway Hotel KM Road Chikmagalur-The-Gateway-Hotel-Standard-Room.jpg, Chikmagalur The Gateway Hotel KM Road Chikmagalur-The-Gateway-Hotel-Superior-Pool-View.jpg, Chikmagalur The Taj Gateway Hotel KM Road-Cottage Mountain View_room.jpg, Chikmagalur The Taj Gateway Hotel KM Road-Cottage Mountain View_room1380197875372.jpg, Chikmagalur The Taj Gateway Hotel KM Road-Cottage Mountain View_room1380197889100.jpg, Chikmagalur

Woodway Estate Homestay

Location Woodway Estate Homestay is located at Woodway estate, Jakkanahalli in Chikmagalur. Nearest airports from the hotel are Mangalore Ai... more »
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Woodway Estate Homestay-Room_3.jpg, Chikmagalur Woodway Estate Homestay-Facade.jpg, Chikmagalur Woodway Estate Homestay-Exterior View.jpg, Chikmagalur Woodway Estate Homestay-Facade1.jpg, Chikmagalur Woodway Estate Homestay-Facade2.jpg, Chikmagalur

Nature Craft Homestay

Location Nature Craft Homestay is located near the Joldal Post Office, approximately 150 km from the Mangalore Airport, 8.5 km from the bus ... more »
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Nature Craft Homestay-Nature_Craft_Homestay_Chikmagalur_Standard_Room_1_room.jpg, Chikmagalur Nature Craft Homestay-Nature_Craft_Homestay_Chikmagalur_Standard_Room_2_room.jpg, Chikmagalur Nature Craft Homestay-Standard_Room_1.jpg, Chikmagalur Nature Craft Homestay-Standard_Room_2.jpg, Chikmagalur

Hotel Benaka Residency

Hotel Benaka Residency offers a comfortable staying option to its guests. Though the facilities offered here is slightly less yet the hotel ... more »
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Hotel Benaka Residency-Room_1_.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Benaka Residency-Hotel-Benaka-Residency-Chikmagalur-Deluxe-Four-Bed-Ac-Room.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Benaka Residency-Hotel-Benaka-Residency-Chikmagalur-Deluxe-Double-Ac-Room.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Benaka Residency-Deluxe_Room_.jpg, Chikmagalur Hotel Benaka Residency-Restaurant_.jpg, Chikmagalur

Silverwoods Service Apartment

Located in I.G Road, Chikmaglur and within a 5 minute drive of KSRTC Bus Stand, Hotel Silverwoods Service Apartment is promised to be a home... more »
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Silverwoods Service Apartment-Silver_woods2_w.jpg, Chikmagalur Silverwoods Service Apartment-DSC_0144_w.jpg, Chikmagalur Silverwoods Service Apartment-Photos-resorts-1375074952-035420130729104552-JPG-images-property-resor Silverwoods Service Apartment-03-11-14 2-22-08 PM.jpg, Chikmagalur

Winter Greens Resort

Location Winter Greens is located on Lakhya Cross, opposite the OM Poultry Farm, 10th Km Milestone, Kadur Road. It is approximately 150 km f... more »
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Winter Greens Resort-Resort_Entrance.jpg, Chikmagalur Winter Greens Resort-Cottage_Rear_Garden.jpg, Chikmagalur Winter Greens Resort-Cottage_Room_1.jpg, Chikmagalur Winter Greens Resort-Restaurant_1.jpg, Chikmagalur Winter Greens Resort-Entrance_Gate.jpg, Chikmagalur

Athithi Home Stay

Location Athithi Home Stay is located on Hosmane Road, around 15 km from the main town of Chikmagalur, near KSFC. It is approximately 160 km... more »
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Atithi Home Stay-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Chikmagalur Atithi Home Stay-Room_3.jpg, Chikmagalur Atithi Home Stay-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Chikmagalur Atithi Home Stay-Sitting_Area_1.jpg, Chikmagalur Atithi Home Stay-Washroom.jpg, Chikmagalur

Bean Stalk Bagmane

For people visiting Chikmagalur hotel Bean Stalk Bagmane offers a decent and worthy staying option. The hotel offers a variety of facilities... more »
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Bean Stalk Bagmane-Beanstalk.jpg, Chikmagalur Bean Stalk Bagmane-008_room.jpg, Chikmagalur Bean Stalk Bagmane-Beanstalk_Bagmane_-_Homestay_Chikmaglur_3.jpg, Chikmagalur Bean Stalk Bagmane-0017.jpg, Chikmagalur Bean Stalk Bagmane-006.jpg, Chikmagalur

Primrose Villas

The residences at Primrose Villas are a haven of peace tucked away on the mountain tops of the Western Ghats in India, right next to the tow... more »

Primrose Villas-Villa---2_room1417794155224.jpg, Chikmagalur -Villa---91417769389651.jpg, Chikmagalur Primrose Villas-Villa--13_room.jpg, Chikmagalur -Villa---61417769374518.jpg, Chikmagalur
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-Castle Rock FAS.jpg, Chikmagalur -CRHS.jpg, Chikmagalur -CRHS 1.jpg, Chikmagalur -CRHS1414418842720.jpg, Chikmagalur
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-6ca67b3d08704502a05c02bf03dde1be.jpg, Chikmagalur -877c0f377aa14f3d82ee871e42c91f00.jpg, Chikmagalur -ac437994927644caadab025667c80ac0.jpg, Chikmagalur -e4752eccb5e246dead8737601f56c92d.jpg, Chikmagalur
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-Green Hills 2.jpg, Chikmagalur -Green Hills.jpg, Chikmagalur -Green Hills 3.jpg, Chikmagalur
Hotels in Chikmagalur : 118, Chikmagalur Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Chikmagalur, India

Chikmagalur Hotels Overview:

Chikmagalur is a hub of activity. While in Chikmagalur you can really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places in and around the Chikmagalur. When you choose to take a break in Chikmagalur there are many things to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in the area you are in Chikmagalur. There are many ways you can reach Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you are visiting Chikmagalur next, you can come here for a family holiday, weekend break and general vacation tour. Take a break from the activities of daily life and head to Chikmagalur. A holiday here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Known as coffee land of Karnataka- Chikmagalur is a city in the Chikmagaluru district of Karnataka. It is renowned for its hill stations. The town enjoys a decent climate and established monuments of all religions.


The Chikmagalur hotels provide new modern facilities to the people so that each one of them can enjoy the holiday free of tension. Most of the hotels provide parking, wi-fi, spa, restaurant, room service, bar, business center, gym as well as swimming pool. The hotels fluctuate from five stars to the cheapest one. Therefore, there is always a substitute organized for you in Chikmagalur whether to make your holiday more lavish or easy on the pocket. You can travel via air, as the nearest airport to this town is the Mangalore airport. You can also travel by train or by own private automobile.


Best time to visit

 Chikmagalur is a place that you can visit all through the year due to its wide-ranging fresh climate all the time. However, the excellent time to visit Chikmagalur would be September to May. October to April is ultimate for sightseeing, holiday travels and repose. June to September offers all the loveliness of the hill station and you can take pleasure in waterfalls during the rain.


Places to visit

There are many waterfalls, hill stations, temple towns in Chikmagalur. The kemangundi hill station is best for sun set view from the top of the hill. Kudremukh is another hill station rich in iron ore deposits. You should go for trying the local food of kudremukh. Next is the muthodi forest that is a fun and relaxing spot. You can go for fishing there. Baba Budan Mountains is a trekking site for the tourist and for the locals.


Tourists favorite

 Kemangundi is a hill station, located 56 kms from town. It is named after the Mysore King, Krishnaraja Wodyer IV, who made it his favorite summer camp. Sringeri is a spiritual place where natural hostility did not exist. Take a picnic to Ayyanakere where fresh Water Lake set amidst seven hills. The Hanumana Gundi Falls- the waterfall has water falling on to Natural rock formations from a height of more than 100 feet (30 m). Amritapura is the Delicacy of touch, originality of design and fine features have made this temple one of the distinguished structures. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the broad hills are chained to one another with deep valley & steep precipices of Kudremukh.


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