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Cheap Mussoorie Hotels

Barlow Comfort Inn
The hotel is a budget property situated next to Jaypee in Mussoorie. The closest Airport is at the distance of about 50 ilometres, whereas r... more »
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Barlow Comfort Inn-Exterior_View.jpg, Mussoorie Barlow Comfort Inn-Room_1.jpg, Mussoorie Barlow Comfort Inn-Room_2.jpg, Mussoorie Barlow Comfort Inn-Room_3.jpg, Mussoorie Barlow Comfort Inn-Room_4.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Ambica Palace
Hotel Ambica Palace, located near Library Bus Stand, Bhatta Falls and Lake Mist, offers in-room dining and games room. Located on Waverly ... more »
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Hotel Ambica Palace-_Corridor_2.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Ambica Palace-Super Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Ambica Palace-Semi Deluxe Room 2_room.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Nishima
Located at Landour Bazar in Mussoorie. Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun is 62 kilometres and Dehradun Railway Station is 35 kilometres away ... more »
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Hotel Nishima-Exterior_View.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Nishima-Room_1.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Nishima-Room_2.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Nishima-Room_3.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Nishima-Room_4.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Hamers International
Located right on the mall road and in the main market area, Hotel Hamers International features a shopping centre and a restaurant. Free on-... more »
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Hotel Hamers International-Exterior_View.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Hamers International-Hotel-Hamers-International-Mussoorie-Four-Bedded-Room.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Hamers International-Reception.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Hamers International-Outdoor_Restaurant_1.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Hamers International-Open_Terrace_Garden.jpg, Mussoorie
Amar Hotel
Amar Hotel is a nicely established budget hotel which is famous for its service and warm hospitality. The hotel is well located at The Mall ... more »

Amar Hotel-l_3563_1333960928.jpg, Mussoorie Amar Hotel-l_3563_1358742825.JPG, Mussoorie Amar Hotel-l_3563_1357734905.jpg, Mussoorie Amar Hotel-l_3563_1333960953.jpg, Mussoorie Amar Hotel-l_3563_1358742675.JPG, Mussoorie
Hotel Mussoorie Midview MGH
Hotel Mussoorie Midview is a budget hotel which is well located at Mall Road in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The location of the hotel is its big... more »
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Hotel Mussoorie Midview-l_4099_1347992261.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Midview-l_4099_1349153754.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Midview-l_4099_1347535808.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Midview-l_4099_1347992261.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Midview-l_4099_1349856438.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Jain Regency
Hotel Jain Regency comes under popular budget hotels of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The hotel is located at the lower reaches of Western Himalay... more »


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Hotel Jain Regency-l_4095_1349155546.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Jain Regency-l_4095_1349155360.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Jain Regency-l_4095_1347984481.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Jain Regency-l_4095_1349505428.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Jain Regency-l_4095_1349505428.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Mussoorie Residency
Hotel Mussoorie Residency is located at above car parking, convent road, Library chowk, Mussorie, Uttarakhand. It is a good hotel to stay in... more »

Hotel Mussoorie Residency-l_4098_1347443609.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Residency-l_4098_1347443998.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Residency-l_4098_1347443926.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Residency-l_4098_1347444068.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Mussoorie Residency-l_4098_1347443998.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Sunny Cot
Hotel Sunny Cot is located at Mussoorie. It is 57 km away from Jolly Grant Airport, 35 km away from Dehra Dun and 1 km away from picture pal... more »


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Hotel Sunny Cot-l_2366_1323085393.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Sunny Cot-l_2366_1323085482.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Sunny Cot-l_2366_1323085693.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Sunny Cot-l_2366_1323085573.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Sunny Cot-l_2366_1323085615.jpg, Mussoorie
Panwar Guest House
Panwar Guest House is a well established guest house which offers outstanding ordinary room to its guests. The renowned guest house is well ... more »

Panwar Guest House-l_4759_1352097795.jpg, Mussoorie Panwar Guest House-l_4759_1352097821.jpg, Mussoorie Panwar Guest House-l_4759_1352097922.jpg, Mussoorie Panwar Guest House-l_4759_1352098063.jpg, Mussoorie Panwar Guest House-l_4759_1352097890.jpg, Mussoorie
Sai Guest House
Sai Guest House is a budget hotel located at Mall road in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The hotel is about 50 kms from Jolly Grant airport, 34 kms... more »


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Sai Guest House-l_4762_1352110737.jpg, Mussoorie Sai Guest House-l_4762_1352110764.jpg, Mussoorie Sai Guest House-l_4762_1352110794.jpg, Mussoorie Sai Guest House-l_4762_1352110837.jpg, Mussoorie Sai Guest House-l_4762_1352110972.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Raj Palace
Hotel Raj Palace is a well established hotel property which is conveniently located Kulri in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The Picture Palace bus ... more »

Hotel Raj Palace-l_4827_1352721154.JPG, Mussoorie Hotel Raj Palace-l_4827_1352721154.JPG, Mussoorie Hotel Raj Palace-l_4827_1352721079.JPG, Mussoorie Hotel Raj Palace-l_4827_1352721113.JPG, Mussoorie Hotel Raj Palace-l_4827_1352721029.JPG, Mussoorie
Hotel Natraj Palace
Hotel Natraj Palace is a renowned budget hotel which is conveniently located at Sarai Road in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The budget hotel offer... more »

Hotel Natraj Palace-l_5803_1360051994.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Natraj Palace-l_5803_1360052085.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Natraj Palace-l_5803_1360052072.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Natraj Palace-l_5803_1360052058.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Natraj Palace-l_5803_1360052097.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Evergreen
A standard budget property, Hotel Evergreen enjoys an ideal location near The Mall and offers essential services along with parking facility... more »
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Hotel Evergreen-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Evergreen-Hotel-Evergreen-Mussoorie-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Evergreen-Ordinary_Double_Bed_Room.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Evergreen-Single_Occupancy_Room.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Evergreen-Single_Room_with_6_Bed.jpg, Mussoorie
Hotel Ashirwad
650 m from Mall Road, 2.4 km from Christ Church, 2.8 km from Library Bus Stand Nestling on the Mall Road, Hotel Ashirwad is a 2 star proper... more »
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Hotel Ashirwad-ashirwad del_room1380881583107.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Ashirwad-View_from_the_Hotel.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Ashirwad-Standard Room.jpg, Mussoorie Hotel Ashirwad-Super Deluxe Room.jpg, Mussoorie
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