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Cheap Hotels in Guruvayoor

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When planning that holiday, if you’re looking to go easy on the pocket with a budget stay, make sure you give MakeMyTrip’s list of cheap hotels in Guruvayoor a visit. You won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer! Cheap hotels cater to solo travelers, backpackers, friends and couples looking for accommodations on an economical budget. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of cheap hotels in Guruvayoor for your consideration. Tariffs for cheap hotels in Guruvayoor usually range between Rs. 200 and Rs. 2,000. To help you choose the cheap hotel that is best suited for your needs, we have offered more than 10 cheap hotels on our list in Guruvayoor. Pick one and start planning that holiday! At MakeMyTrip, you can choose from a wide range of cheap and reasonably priced hotels. Based on the customer preferences, ratings and bookings users, here are 5 of the most popular cheap hotels: Sopanam Heritage, Gokulam Resort, Sree Gokulam Sabari, Sreepathi Indraprastha, Bhasuri Inn. The reviews of these hotels rate at 3.9 star. Cheap hotels generally offer a range of rooms types for stay, these are: Duke Ac, Duke, Suite, Deluxe Non Ac, Suite Ac, Regal, Executive Deluxe Ac Room, Deluxe Suite Ac, Deluxe Suite Non Ac, Ac Room, Non Ac Room, Suite Room, Standard Ac, Deluxe Ac, Semideluxe, Deluxe, `standard, Semi Deluxe Ac, Semi Deluxe Non Ac, Deluxe Non Ac, Deluxe Ac, Standard Ac, Standard Non Ac, Standard Non Ac, Superior Deluxe Non Ac, Superior Deluxe Ac, Presidential Suite Ac Room, Deluxe Suite A/C, Deluxe A/c Double, Deluxe Non A/c Double, Four Bed Non Ac, Four Bed Ac. The common services and facilities that are offered by cheap hotels in Guruvayoor include spa(1 hotel), swimming pool(1 hotel), restaurant(2 hotels), bar(1 hotel).