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Annupurna Residency
Ideally located in Laxmipuram, Tirupati, Annupurna Residency is only about a 10-minute drive from the Tirupati railway station and 20 minute... more »
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Annupurna Residency-Hotel_Annapurna_Tirupati_Deluxe_AC_Bedroom_room.jpg, Tirupati Annupurna Residency-Tirupati-Annupurna-Residency-Deluxe-Non-AC.jpg, Tirupati Annupurna Residency-Tirupati-Annupurna-Residency-Suite.jpg, Tirupati Annupurna Residency-Hotel_Annapurna_Tirupati_Suite_Interior_room.jpg, Tirupati
Hotel Dhuvathara
Situated 9 km from Chandragiri Railway Station, Hotel Dhuvathara provides parking facility, medical assistance and laundry service to guests... more »
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Hotel Dhuvathara-Exterior_View.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Dhuvathara-Room.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Dhuvathara-Washroom.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Dhuvathara-Reception.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Dhuvathara-Corridor.jpg, Tirupati
Vikram Hotel
Hotel Vikram is located just 400 m from Tirupati railway station and features a restaurant. The famous ISCKON Temple is just 4.8 km away. S... more »
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Hotel Vikram-Hotel-Vikram-Tirupati-Double-Bed-Room-Non-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Vikram-Hotel-Vikram-Tirupati-Non-Ac-Double-Bed-Room.jpg, Tirupati Vikram Hotel-Hotel_Vikram_Tirupati_Double_Bedroom_AC1_room.jpg, Tirupati Vikram Hotel-Hotel_Vikram_Tirupati_Double_Bedroom_Non_AC1_room.jpg, Tirupati
Shree Krishna Hotel
Hotel Shree Krishna stands on Old Tirchanoor Road, around 5 minutes drive from Tirupati Main Railway Station. Located in the heart of this... more »
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Shree Krishna Hotel-Shree_Krishna_Residency_Tirupati_Suite3_room1377067086704.jpg, Tirupati Shree Krishna Hotel-Shree_Krishna_Residency_Tirupati_Suite1_room1377067086973.jpg, Tirupati
VIP Residency
Hotel VIP Residency is located within 3 km from Tirupati railway station and ISCKON Temple. It offers travel assistance and 24-hour check-ou... more »
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Hotel VIP Residency-Exterior__View.jpg, Tirupati Hotel VIP Residency-Hotel-VIP-Residency-Tirupati-Family-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Tirupati Hotel VIP Residency-Hotel-VIP-Residency-Tirupati-Double-Bed-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Hotel VIP Residency-Hotel-VIP-Residency-Tirupati-Double-Bed-Non-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Hotel VIP Residency-Hotel-VIP-Residency-Tirupati-Family-Ac-Room.jpg, Tirupati
Hotel Sree Vaibhav Residency
Located within a km from Tirupati railway station, Hotel Sree Vaibhav Residency offers travel assistance and room service Located in th... more »
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Hotel Sree Vaibhav Residency-Exterior1377061778631.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Sree Vaibhav Residency-Hotel_Vaibhav_Residency_Tirupati_Standard_Non_AC_Bedroom1_room.jpg, Tir Hotel Sree Vaibhav Residency-Hotel_Vaibhav_Residency_Tirupati_Standard_AC_Bedroom_Interior_room.jpg, Hotel Sree Vaibhav Residency-Hotel_Vaibhav_Residency_Tirupati_Standard_Non_AC_Bedroom_Interior_room. Hotel Sree Vaibhav Residency-Exterior11377061778891.jpg, Tirupati
Jayasyam Inn
Hotel Jayasyam Inn is a comfortable accommodation facility, located at P.K. Layout in Tirupati. The property lies at 5 minutes drive of Ka... more »
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Hotel Jayasyam Inn-Exterior_View_.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Jayasyam Inn-Hotel-Jayasyam-Inn-Double-Room-Non-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Jayasyam Inn-Hotel-Jayasyam-Inn-Double-Room-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Jayasyam Inn-Room_1.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Jayasyam Inn-Room_2.jpg, Tirupati
7 Hills Inn Hotel
2.7 km from Central Bus Stand, 3.9 km from Tirupati Railway Station, 4 km from Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Party hall, Travel desk, Pure ... more »
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Hotel 7 Hills Inn-Hotel-7-Hills-Inn-Tirupati-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Tirupati 7 Hills Inn Hotel-Hotel_7_Hills_Inn_Tirupati_4_Bedded_AC_Room2_room.jpg, Tirupati 7 Hills Inn Hotel-Hotel_7_Hills_Inn_Tirupati_4_Bedded_Non_AC_Room_room.jpg, Tirupati Hotel 7 Hills Inn-Hotel-7-Hills-Inn-Tirupati-Ac-Room.jpg, Tirupati 7 Hills Inn Hotel-Hotel_7_Hills_Inn_Tirupati_4_Bedded_AC_Room3_room.jpg, Tirupati
Sri Sai Krishna Residency
Sri Sai Krishna Residency, situated opposite RTC bus stand, lies in the heart of the holy city of Tirupati. The hotel is close to the famous... more »
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Sri Sai Krishna Residency-Sri-Sai-Krishna-Residency-Tirupati-Ac-Double-Bed-Room.jpg, Tirupati Sri Sai Krishna Residency-Hotel_Sri_Sai_Krishna_Tirupati_Double_Room_Non_AC_Bedroom_room.jpg, Tirupa
Srinivasa Hotel
Close to Main Tirupati Railway Station (300 metre) , Tirumala Venkateswara Temple (22 km) One of the most established budget hotels, Hotel... more »
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Hotel Srinivasa-Exterior_View.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Srinivasa-Hotel-Srinivasa-Tirupati-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Srinivasa-Hotel-Srinivasa-Tirupati-Standard-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Srinivasa-Room_1.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Srinivasa-Room_2.jpg, Tirupati
Sri Tirumala Residency Hotel
Located near Kapil Thirtham Temples at Tirumala Byepass Road in Tirupati, Sai Tirumala Residency is ideal for the devotees visiting the nea... more »
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Sri Tirumala Residency Hotel-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Tirupati Sri Tirumala Residency Hotel-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Tirupati Sri Tirumala Residency Hotel-Room.jpg, Tirupati Sri Tirumala Residency Hotel-Living_Area.jpg, Tirupati Sri Tirumala Residency Hotel-Washroom.jpg, Tirupati
Bhanu Residency
Hotel Bhanu Residency is a standard accommodation facility, located within a stone’s throw of Kapila Teertham, which is one of the renowne... more »
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Hotel Bhanu Residency-Hotel-Bhanu-Residency-Tirupati-Standard-Ac.jpg, Tirupati Bhanu Residency-Exterior1.jpg, Tirupati Bhanu Residency-Exterior3.jpg, Tirupati Bhanu Residency-Exterior2.jpg, Tirupati Bhanu Residency-Exterior4.jpg, Tirupati
8 km from Tirupati Main Railway Station, 6.5 km from Tuda Thummalagunta Lake, Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Banquet space, Marriage hall, In-hou... more »
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Candy By Peppermint-Exterior_View.jpg, Tirupati Candy By Peppermint-Exterior_View_At_Night.jpg, Tirupati Candy By Peppermint-Room.jpg, Tirupati Candy By Peppermint-Reception.jpg, Tirupati Candy By Peppermint-Swimming_Pool.jpg, Tirupati
Minerva Grand
Around 2.2 km from Tirupati Main Railway Station, Hotel Minerva Grand offers a multi-cuisine restaurant, doctor-on-call facilities and Wi-F... more »
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Hotel Minerva Grand-Exterior_View.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Minerva Grand-Room_1.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Minerva Grand-Room_2.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Minerva Grand-Room_3.jpg, Tirupati Hotel Minerva Grand-Room_4.jpg, Tirupati
KVP Residency
KVP Residency is a 3 star property, standing on Old Tiruchanoor Road, right in the heart of Tirupati city. The hotel can be reached in just ... more »
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KVP Residency-Exterior_View.jpg, Tirupati KVP Residency-KVP-Residency-Tirupati-Single-Room-Ac.jpg, Tirupati KVP Residency-KVP-Residency-Tirupati-Double-Room-Non-Ac.jpg, Tirupati KVP Residency-KVP-Residency-Tirupati-Double-Room-Ac.jpg, Tirupati KVP Residency-Room_1.jpg, Tirupati
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