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Valley View Grand
Hotel Valley View Grand is a well facilitated hotel. Rooms The hotel offers 31 well appointed rooms including 5 cottages. The rooms are wel... more »
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Valley View Grand-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Kolhapur Valley View Grand-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Kohinoor Square
1.1 km from Kolhapur Railway Station, 10.8 km from Airport, Close proximity to business areas, Multi-cuisine dining Hotel Kohinoor Square ... more »
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Hotel Kohinoor Square-_Exterior_View_.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Kohinoor Square-Hotel-Kohinoor-Square-Exacutive.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Kohinoor Square-Kolhapoor-Room-2.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Kohinoor Square-Kolhapoor-Room-1.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Kohinoor Square-Hotel-Kohinoor-Square-Standard.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Skylark
Located in New Shahupuri locality of Kolhapur, Hotel Skylark is within walking distance of Kolhapur Central Bus Stand and 5 minutes drive o... more »
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Hotel Skylark-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Skylark-Hotel-Skylark-Kolhapur-Studio.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Skylark-Hotel-Skylark-Kolhapur-Deluxe.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Skylark-Hotel-Skylark-Kolhapur-Executive.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Skylark-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Kolhapur
The Maratha Regency
Located a few minutes away from Kolhapur Railway Station, Hotel Maratha Regency features a conference hall, health club, restaurant and int... more »
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The Maratha Regency-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur The Maratha Regency-Hotel_Entrance.jpg, Kolhapur The Maratha Regency-Room_1.jpg, Kolhapur The Maratha Regency-Room_2.jpg, Kolhapur The Maratha Regency-Room_3.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Vrishali Executive
Hotel Vrishali Executive is a standard accommodation, situated on Circuit House Road near Tarabai Park, Kolhapur. The hotel offers ample con... more »
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Hotel Vrishali Executive-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Vrishali Executive-Hotel-Vrishili-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Vrishali Executive-Hotel-Vrishili-Royal-Executive-Deluxe.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Vrishali Executive-Hotel-Vrishili-Royal-Executive.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Vrishali Executive-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Anugraha Deluxe
Offering travel assistance to guests, Hotel Anugraha Deluxe is located within walking distance from the railway station and 4 km from Mahala... more »
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Hotel Anugraha Deluxe-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Anugraha Deluxe-Hotel_Entrance.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Anugraha Deluxe-Room_1.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Anugraha Deluxe-Room_2.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Anugraha Deluxe-Room_3.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Landmark
Hotel Landmark is a centrally located deluxe lodging situated near central bus station (CBS) and the Railway Station. The rooms are spacious... more »


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Hotel Landmark-l_720_1294404859.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Landmark-l_720_1368084741.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Landmark-l_720_1368085021.JPG, Kolhapur Hotel Landmark-l_720_1368084741.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Landmark-l_720_1368084665.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Haripriya Grand
Hotel Haripriya Grand is a budget hotel located in the heart of Kolhapur. It attracts many tourists as it is surrounded by Raja Ram Puri, Ma... more »


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Hotel Haripriya Grand-l_772_1294913052.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Haripriya Grand-l_772_1294913987.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Haripriya Grand-l_772_1294913801.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Haripriya Grand-l_772_1294913901.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Haripriya Grand-l_772_1294913724.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Jotiba
Hotel Jotiba is located in Mahadik Colony in Kolhapur. It is a sought-after property in Mumbai that enjoys propinquity to Kolhapur Railway ... more »
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Hotel Jotiba-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Jotiba-Room_1.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Jotiba-Room_2.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Jotiba-Room_3.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Jotiba-Room_4.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Jyotiba Royal
A 15-minute drive from Panhala Fort, Hotel Jyotiba Royal houses a multi-cuisine restaurant and dining hall. The property is maintained with... more »
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Hotel VijayRaj
Situated in Surve Colony, Hotel Vijayraj lies within the radius of 3 km from the railway station and New Palace Museum & Zoo Hotel Vijayraj... more »
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Hotel VijayRaj-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel VijayRaj-Hotel-VijayRaj-Kolhapur-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel VijayRaj-Hotel-VijayRaj-Kolhapur-Ac-Room.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel VijayRaj-Living_Area_2.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel VijayRaj-Room_1.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Rajat Executive
Located at Tanwani Towers, Tararani Chowk in Kolhapur, Hotel Rajat provides accommodation in well-furnished rooms with basic in-room service... more »
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Hotel Rajat Executive-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Rajat Executive-Room_1.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Rajat Executive-Room_2.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Rajat Executive-Room_3.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Rajat Executive-Room_4.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Panchshil
Located at Shivaji Park in Kolhapur, Hotel Panchshil is at a short walk from Kolhapur Railway Station. Guests can seek blessings at Mahala... more »
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Hotel Panchshil-Exterior__.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Panchshil-Hotel-Panchshil-Kolhapur-Regular-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Panchshil-Hotel-Panchshil-Kolhapur-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Panchshil-Hotel-Panchshil-Kolhapur-Suite-Room.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Panchshil-Hotel-Panchshil-Kolhapur-Regular-Ac-Room.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Greenland Elegant
Hotel Greenland – Elegant is located at Temblai Railway Gate, in proximity to Kolhapur Railway Station and Kolhapur Airport. The popular U... more »
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Hotel Greenland Elegant-Exterior_View.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Greenland Elegant-Hotel-Greenland-Elegant-Kolhapur-Executive.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Greenland Elegant-Hotel-Greenland-Elegant-Kolhapur-Executive-Ac.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Greenland Elegant-Garden_Restaurant.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Greenland Elegant-Bar.jpg, Kolhapur
Hotel Victor Palace
Located 2.3 km from Kolhapur railway station, Hotel Victor Palace offers internet facility and features swimming pool, banquet and conferenc... more »
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Hotel Victor Palace-Conference_Hall_1.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Victor Palace-Theme_Suite.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Victor Palace-Executive_Room.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Victor Palace-Superior_Room.jpg, Kolhapur Hotel Victor Palace-Deluxe_Suite.jpg, Kolhapur
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