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Hotel Casablanca

If the guests are looking for budget hotel in Bokaro with most of the room amenities and hotel facilities, then Hotel Cassablanca would be ... more »
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MakeMyTrip ( 2 Reviews)

Hotel Cassablanca-Room_1.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Cassablanca-Room_2.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Cassablanca-Washroom.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Cassablanca-Reception.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Cassablanca-Lobby.jpg, Bokaro

Hotel Yamuna Residency

Hotel Yamuna Residency is an excellent accommodation for people looking for a star category hotel in Bokaro. The hotel offers a comfortable... more »
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Hotel Yamuna Residency-Exterior_View.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Yamuna Residency-Room_1.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Yamuna Residency-Room_2.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Yamuna Residency-Room_3.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Yamuna Residency-Room_4.jpg, Bokaro

Aditya Abhishek International

Aditya Abhishek International is a boutique hotel located at Sector-4 in Bokaro, Jharkhand. The possession of a restaurant and an outstandin... more »


TripAdvisor (1 Reviews)

Aditya Abhishek International-l_3045_1329291430.jpg, Bokaro Aditya Abhishek International-l_3045_1329291458.jpg, Bokaro Aditya Abhishek International-l_3045_1329308283.jpg, Bokaro Aditya Abhishek International-l_3045_1329291479.jpg, Bokaro Aditya Abhishek International-l_3045_1329291557.jpg, Bokaro

Hotel Natraj

Hotel Natraj is a budget hotel which offers two types of rooms to its guests namely Deluxe and Executive room. The hotel is well located at ... more »

Hotel Natraj-l_4655_1351248950.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Natraj-l_4655_1351248970.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Natraj-l_4655_1351248992.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Natraj-l_4655_1351249009.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Natraj-l_4655_1351249009.jpg, Bokaro

Hotel Hiltop

Hotel Hiltop is a budget hotel located at Dharmashala More, Bokaro. The hotel offers non AC deluxe rooms, AC rooms, AC deluxe rooms and exec... more »

Hotel Hiltop-l_4660_1351252400.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Hiltop-l_4660_1351252418.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Hiltop-l_4660_1351252438.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Hiltop-l_4660_1351252473.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Hiltop-l_4660_1351252491.jpg, Bokaro

Hotel Vaibhav

Hotel Vaibhav is a renowned budget hotel located at Dharmashasla More in Bokaro, Jharkhand. The hotel offers three types of rooms to its gue... more »

Hotel Vaibhav-l_4669_1351335191.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Vaibhav-l_4669_1351335211.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Vaibhav-l_4669_1351335225.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Vaibhav-l_4669_1351335285.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Vaibhav-l_4669_1351335241.jpg, Bokaro

Hotel Rahul

Hotel Rahul is the best available budget hotel in the town with all modern amenities and 24 hours strict security. The guest list of the Hot... more »

Hotel Rahul-l_4661_1351506389.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Rahul-l_4661_1351506389.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Rahul-l_4661_1351506418.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Rahul-l_4661_1351506447.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Rahul-l_4661_1351506476.jpg, Bokaro
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Hotel Aadditaya International

Hotel Aadditayaa International is a 2 Star property offering a comfortable stay to common travellers and businessmen visiting the industria... more »
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Hotel Aadditaya International-Exterior_View.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Aadditaya International-Hotel-Aadditaya-International-Bokaro-Deluxe.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Aadditaya International-Hotel-Aadditaya-International-Bokaro-Executive.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Aadditaya International-Room_1.jpg, Bokaro Hotel Aadditaya International-Room_2.jpg, Bokaro
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Bokaro is a hub of activity. While in Bokaro you can really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places in and around the Bokaro. When you choose to take a break in Bokaro there are many things to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in the area you are in Bokaro. There are many ways you can reach Bokaro. Bokaro is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you are visiting Bokaro next, you can come here for a family holiday, weekend break and general vacation tour. Take a break from the activities of daily life and head to Bokaro. A holiday here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.


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