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Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad
Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad is a 5-minute drive from. It has swimming pool, Wi-Fi, spa, banquet hall, fitness centre, 2 restaurants & bar. ... more »
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Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad-Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Aurangabad Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad-Executive Room_room.jpg, Aurangabad Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad-Superior Room_room.jpg, Aurangabad Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad-Lemon-Tree-Hotel-Aurangabad-Superior-Room.jpg, Aurangabad
The Manor
2.6 km from Railway Station, 7.8 km from Airport, 6.7 km from Aurangabad Caves The Manor, located in Aurangabad, promises to provide a plea... more »
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The Manor -Hotel_Manor_Aurangabad_Executive_AC_Room2_room.jpg, Aurangabad The Manor -Hotel_Manor_Aurangabad_Royal_Room1_room.jpg, Aurangabad The Manor -Hotel_Manor_Aurangabad_Executive_AC_Room1_room.jpg, Aurangabad The Manor -Hotel_Manor_Aurangabad_Royal_Room3_room.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Royal Palace
Situated on Jalna Road, Hotel Royal Palace offers room service and restaurant. It lies 3 km away from railway station and 7 km from airport.... more »
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Hotel Royal Palace-Hotel_Royal_Palace_Aurangabad_Royal_Suite_Room2_room.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Royal Palace-Hotel-Royal-Palace-Aurangabad-Deluxe-Non-Ac.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Royal Palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Sparkling Pearl
Located at 2.5 km from Aurangabad Airport & 6 kms from Aurangabad Railway Station and 6.4 km from Bibi Ka Maqbara. Hotel offers Free WI-FI ... more »
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Hotel Sparkling Pearl-Hotel-Sparkling-Pearl-Aurangabad-Royal-Suite.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Sparkling Pearl-Hotel-Sparkling-Pearl-Aurangabad-Executive-Ac.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Sparkling Pearl-Hotel-Sparkling-Pearl-Aurangabad-Maharaja-Suite.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Sparkling Pearl-Hotel-Sparkling-Pearl-Aurangabad-Executive_Non_Ac.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Sparkling Pearl-Exterior1.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Indraprasth
A budget hotel in Aurangabad. Hotel Indraprastha offers people a decent and comfortable staying option. Though the services provided here is... more »
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Indraprastha Hotel-Exterior_View_.jpg, Aurangabad Indraprastha Hotel-Entrance_Area_.jpg, Aurangabad Indraprastha Hotel-Corridor.jpg, Aurangabad Indraprastha Hotel-Deluxe_Non_Ac_Room2.jpg, Aurangabad Indraprastha Hotel-Parking.jpg, Aurangabad
Ambassador Ajanta
Situated within 1 km from the famed Jain temple, Ambassador Ajanta offers Wi-Fi, travel desk, restaurant, banquet and recreational faciliti... more »
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Ambassador Ajanta-Deluxe Room-Twin Bed_room.jpg, Aurangabad Ambassador Ajanta-Executive Room-Twin Bed1_room.jpg, Aurangabad Ambassador Ajanta-Deluxe Room-Large Room_room.jpg, Aurangabad Ambassador Ajanta-Executive Room-Twin Bed_room.jpg, Aurangabad Ambassador Ajanta-Deluxe Room-Twni Bed1_room.jpg, Aurangabad
WelcomHotel Rama International
Just 4 km from Aurangabad Airport, 3Km's from Railway Station WelcomHotel Rama International features a restaurant, shopping arcade, gym, co... more »


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WelcomHotel Rama International-WelcomHotel-Rama-International-Aurangabad-Exclusive-Club.jpg, Auranga WelcomHotel Rama International-Hotel_Welcomhotel_Rama_International_Aurangabad_Corporate_Room_Interi WelcomHotel Rama International-Welcome_Hotel_Rama_International_Executive_Club_Exclusive_Room2_room. WelcomHotel Rama International-Welcome-Hotel-Ram-International-Aurangabad-Superior.jpg, Aurangabad WelcomHotel Rama International-Main_Entrance1371129066727.jpg, Aurangabad
VITS Hotel
700 m from Aurangabad Railway Station, 5.8 km from Bibi Ka Maqbara, Restaurants and bar, Conference halls, Business centre, Swimming pool, S... more »
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VITS Hotel-Copy_of_200x150_default_room.jpg, Aurangabad VITS Hotel-Hotel_VITS_Aurangabad_Suite_Room4_room.jpg, Aurangabad VITS Hotel-Exterior1.jpg, Aurangabad VITS Hotel-Copy_of_200x150_default_room.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Preetam
Hotel Preetam is 3.4 km from Aurangabad Central Bus Station and 4 km from Ajanta Caves. It features a stylish vegetarian restaurant. Just ... more »
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Hotel Preetam Lodging-Exterior_View.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Preetam -Hotel-Preetam-Aurangabad-Non-Ac-Superior-Room-1.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Preetam -Hotel-Preetam-Aurangabad-Ac-Superior-Room-1.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Preetam -Hotel-Preetam-Aurangabad-Ac-Superior-Room-2.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Preetam -Hotel-Preetam-Aurangabad-Non-Ac-Standard-Room.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Admiral Suites
Strategically located just 1.5 kilometers from the closest railway station and 3 kilometers from bus stand,7 Km's from Aurangabad Airport an... more »
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Hotel Admiral Suites-Hotel_Admiral_Suites_Aurangabad_Deluxe_King_Size_Bedroom_room.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Admiral Suites-Hotel_Admiral_Suites_Aurangabad_Executive_Bedroom_Washroom1_room.jpg, Aurangaba Hotel Admiral Suites-Hotel_Admiral_Suites_Aurangabad_Deluxe_King_Size_Bedroom_Interior_room.jpg, Aur
Hotel Kartiki
Within 2 km from the railway station and, Hotel Kartiki features multi-cuisine restaurant, bar and conference hall A 15-minute drive from a... more »
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Hotel Kartiki-Exterior.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Kartiki-Hotel_Kartiki_Aurangabad_Non_AC_Room_room.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Kartiki-Hotel_Kartiki_Aurangabad_Non_AC_Economy_Room_room.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Kartiki-Hotel-Kartiki-Aurangabad-Ac-Room.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Amarpreet
Location Hotel Amarpreet is located close to the world heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora. It is just 3.1 km from Aurangabad Railway Statio... more »
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Hotel Amarpreet-Conference.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Amarpreet-Bar_Lounge.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Janki Executive
4.5 km from Aurangabad Airport, 5.2 km from Aurangabad Railway Station, 8.6 km from Aurangabad Caves, 5.9 km from Bibi-ka-Maqbara, Multi-cui... more »
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Hotel Janki Executive -Twin_Room.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Janki Executive -Double_Room.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Janki Executive -Exterior_View.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Janki Executive -Reception.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Sagar Plaza
N 3  
Hotel Sagar Plaza is located in the beautiful city, Aurangabad, in an area similar to a valley amidst splendid hills. The traditional artist... more »

Hotel Sagar Plaza-l_1008_1296301276.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Sagar Plaza-l_1008_1335271405.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Sagar Plaza-l_1008_1335271459.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Sagar Plaza-l_1008_1352106848.JPG, Aurangabad Hotel Sagar Plaza-l_1008_1335271459.jpg, Aurangabad
Hotel Panchavati
Situated at a short drive from Aurangabad Caves, Hotel Panchavati offers a business centre, multi-cuisine restaurant and internet facility. ... more »
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Hotel Panchavati-Room_3.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Panchavati-Room_1.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Panchavati-Room_2.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Panchavati-Reception1.jpg, Aurangabad Hotel Panchavati-Hotel_Panchvati_Aurangabad_Non_AC_Room1_room.jpg, Aurangabad
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Aurangabad Overview: Hotels in Aurangabad

Aurangabad is a place named after the Mughal King Aurangzeb. It is situated in the state of Maharashtra. The place attracted by the tourist has many historical places. The famous monuments of Ajanta and Ellora are located in the place which is declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO. The place was the base of his campaigns, after Aurangzeb became the king in the year 1681. His tomb is located in the place called Khultabad, a place near to Aurangabad, which is also a tourist destination. Aurangabad is the place full of monuments and Bibi – Ka – Maqbara is the famous of all as the monument resembles the Taj Mahal and it is also Aurangzeb’s wife’s burial place.


The best time one can visit the place is during the month from October to March, though the place offers moderate temperature with the low humidity. From October to march one can enjoy the sightseeing as the month’s offers a pleasant climate. But those who enjoy drizzles can visit the place from the month of June to September. The railway route of Auranagbad is though not directly connected to the mainland Indian yet the trains to Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad is directly connected. The Airport is located 10kms away from the main town but it is connected to all the major cities of the country. Both government and private buses are also available that connects to various place , though government buses has a cheaper fare. As the place doesn’t attract tourist seasonally so the Aurangabad hotels always has tourist and during the months of holidays the Aurangabad hotels are filled so one should make advance booking.


Places to Visit

There re various historical and cultural sites in Aurangabad, they are Aurangabad Caves – caves excavated from soft rock during 6th and 7th century, Baradari Iwaz Khan Aqueduct, Bibi ka Muqbara, Killa Ark, Naukonda Palace, Sunher Mahal, The Ajanta Caves – it has 30 rock cuts into Buddhist caves, where 5 are Buddhist cathedral and rest are monastery and The Ellora Caves – The Kailash temple is famous. Apart from that one can visit Bani Begum Garden – got the same name as that of Bani Begum, Ghrishnewhwar Temple – the temple is built in red volcanic rocks, Cannought, Gul Mandi, Himroo Factory, Daulatabad and Khuldabad.


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