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Andaman Residency
1.5 km from Airport, 2.3 km from Cellular Jail, 1 km from Samudrika Marine Museum, 5 km from Corbyns Cove Beach, Restaurant and bar, Massage... more »
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Andaman Residency-Andaman-Residency-Port-Blair-Deluxe.jpg, Port Blair Andaman Residency-Andaman-Residency-Port-Blair-Stnadard-Non-Ac.jpg, Port Blair Andaman Residency-Andaman-Residency-Port-Blair-Standard-Ac.jpg, Port Blair Andaman Residency-Reception.jpg, Port Blair
Peerless Sarovar Portico
4.4 km from Port Blair Airport, 6.1 km from Cellular Jail, 5.1 km from Marina Park, Business centre, Play ground, Coffee shop, Multi-cuisine... more »
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Peerless Sarovar Portico-room-port-blair_room.jpg, Port Blair Peerless Sarovar Portico-Peerless-Sarovar-Portico-Port-Blair-Sea-View-Cottage.jpg, Port Blair Peerless Sarovar Portico-room-port-blair_room1371615732030.jpg, Port Blair Peerless Sarovar Portico-Exterior.jpg, Port Blair Peerless Sarovar Portico-Exterior 1.jpg, Port Blair
Fortune Resort Bay Island
1.7 km from Cellular Jail, 4.9 km from Forest Museum, In-house bar serving Fruity Concoctions in Coconut Shell Located on Marine Hill in Po... more »
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Fortune Resort Bay Island-Fortune-Port-Blair-Standard-Room.jpg, Port Blair Fortune Resort Bay Island-Room.jpg, Port Blair Fortune Resort Bay Island-Bar.jpg, Port Blair Fortune Resort Bay Island-Disco1371117555145.jpg, Port Blair Fortune Resort Bay Island-Function_Area.jpg, Port Blair
Sea Princess Beach Resort
1.2 km from Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, 1.2 km from Alexandra Island, Conference hall, Swimming pool, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Wi-... more »
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Sea Princess Beach Resort-Room.jpg, Port Blair Sea Princess Beach Resort-Exterior.jpg, Port Blair Sea Princess Beach Resort-Lobby.jpg, Port Blair Sea Princess Beach Resort-Sitting Area.jpg, Port Blair Sea Princess Beach Resort-Swimming Pool 1.jpg, Port Blair
Hotel Sentinel
Sentinel is focused towards making your getaway luxurious which offers a complete range of adventure & activities. Contemporary ambience and... more »
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Sentinel Hotel-Sentinel-Hotel-Port-Blair-Deluxe.jpg, Port Blair Sentinel Hotel-Sentinel-Hotel-Port-Blair-Family-Room.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Sentinel-Hotel_Sentinel_Port_Blair_Premier_Room_room.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Sentinel-Hotel_Sentinel_Port_Blair_Luxury_Room_room.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Sentinel-Hotel_Sentinel_Port_Blair_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Port Blair
Coorg Niwas Home Stay
Coorg Niwas Home Stay is located on J. N. Road opposite Delanipur Petrol Bunk in Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and it offer highly ... more »
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Coorg Niwas Home Stay -Exterior View.jpg, Port Blair Coorg Niwas Home Stay -lobby.jpg, Port Blair Coorg Niwas Home Stay -New Image.jpg, Port Blair Coorg Niwas Home Stay -room1.jpg, Port Blair
Sinclairs Bay View
Within 10 minutes drive from the airport and Cellular Jail, Sinclairs Bayview features pool, spa, conference room and indoor games. Set ami... more »
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Hotel Sinclairs Bay View-Hotel_Sinclairs_Bay_View_Port_Blair_Premier_Attic_Suite_room.jpg, Port Blai Hotel Sinclairs Bay View-Lobby.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Sinclairs Bay View-Superior_Room_With_Attic.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Sinclairs Bay View-Pool.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Sinclairs Bay View-Bar.jpg, Port Blair
Rose Valley Resort
1 km from Mairamma Temple, 800 m from Austinabad Bus Station, 4.2 km from Corbyn's Cove Beach, Banqueting and conferencing facilities, Healt... more »
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Rose Valley Resort -200x150_Rose_Valley_Resort_Port_Blair_Room_1_.jpg, Port Blair Rose Valley Resort -200x150_Rose_Valley_Resort_Port_Blair_Room_2_.jpg, Port Blair Rose Valley Resort -_Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Port Blair Rose Valley Resort -_Exterior_View_2.jpg, Port Blair Rose Valley Resort -Cottage_Exterior_.jpg, Port Blair
Megapode Resort - Andaman
Situated in Port Blair, Megapode Resort can be accessed within 10 minute drive of Veer Savarkar International Airport. Perched atop a hill, ... more »
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Megapode Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Port Blair Megapode Resort-Resort_Exterior.jpg, Port Blair Megapode Resort-Room.jpg, Port Blair Megapode Resort - Andaman-Semi Deluxe_room.jpg, Port Blair Megapode Resort - Andaman-Bamboo Cottage_room.jpg, Port Blair
Shompen by Singhotel
Location The airport is 2 km away while the harbour lies at a distance of 3 km. Named after a local tribe of the Andaman and Nicobar islands... more »
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Hotel Shompen--Hotel-Shompen-Port-Blair-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Shompen--Hotel-Shompen-Port-Blair-Family-Room.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Shompen-Exterior_At_Night.jpg, Port Blair Shompen by Singhotel-Executive_Room1_room.jpg, Port Blair Shompen by Singhotel-Deluxe_Room1_room.jpg, Port Blair
Blue Sea Hotel
Featuring a vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant, Blue Sea Hotel is 4.2 km from Corbyns Cove Beach and 5.6 km from Port Blair Airport. Minut... more »
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Blue Sea Hotel-Blue-Sea-Hotel-Port-Blair-Deluxe-Double.jpg, Port Blair
Hotel Hill Top International
Splendidly located in the heart of Port Blair, Hotel Hill Top International offers a stay par excellence. It proudly combines the ambience... more »
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Hotel Hill Top International-Exterior_View_.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Hill Top International-Hotel-Hill-Top-International-Port-Blair-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Hill Top International-Hotel-Hill-Top-International-Port-Blair-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Hill Top International-Exterior_View_at_Night.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Hill Top International-Room_1.jpg, Port Blair
Hotel Mainak
4.6 km from Port Blair Airport, 2 km from Ross Island, 3.1 km from Cellular Jail, 6.1 km from Chatham Saw Mill, Multi-cuisine restaurant, He... more »
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Hotel Mainak and Health Club-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Mainak and Health Club-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Mainak and Health Club-Reception.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Mainak and Health Club-Room.jpg, Port Blair Hotel Mainak and Health Club-Restaurant_1.jpg, Port Blair
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J Hotel-deluxe room_room.jpg, Port Blair J Hotel-executive room_room.jpg, Port Blair J Hotel-exterior view.jpg, Port Blair J Hotel-Interior_View.jpg, Port Blair
Holiday Resort
Located within 3 km from Cellular Jail and Ross Island, Holiday Resort features a restaurant and travel desk. Holiday Resort, located in Pr... more »
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Hotels in Andaman | Find 56 Andaman Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Andaman, India

Andaman Overview: Hotels in Andaman

Andaman Islands are a group of islands in the Bay of Bengal. The middle Andaman has moist deciduous forest whereas the north has wet evergreen forest. It contains ferns and orchids, mangroves on the coast. Overall it is very rich in biodiversity with varieties of flora and fauna. It consists of timber woods out of which 30 species are commercial. The holy Rudraksha and the aromatic incense resin trees are also found here. The islands are of a popular feature in Sherlock Holmes mystery.


The hotels in Andaman are handy. Port Blair has hundreds of budget related hotels with reasonable price. During the month of June to September striking discounts are offered. Most of the hotels carry out tour arrangements also. Private hotels are also available apart from Port Blair.


Best time to visit

Andaman has a tropical climate all through the year. The best time to visit Andaman is during the month of October to May. June to September is flat to thunder storms and heavy rains, which makes it difficult for tourists to enjoy the sightseeing. October to May is ideal for sightseeing and also to slot in water sports activities.


Places to visit

Radhanagar beach-a walk on wet sand, this is the place where you can spend much time in watching the waves and you will not even guess whether how much time you have spent. Chidiya Tapu is a great location to see the clean water and the green reserve forest. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is perfect for marine lovers. You will find different corals here. Other locations are Corbyn’s corve, Ross Island, limestone cave, etc.


Tourists favorite

Cellular jail is a historic place to visit though you might not plan to go. Jolly buoy is the best place for snorkeling. Havelock Island is a perfect tourist spot where you can enjoy the magical calmness and the beauty of the beach. The baratang has got the limestone cave where one can do some mini trekking, also the boat ride which will flush out all your imagination and especially if you are an artist, then it is sure to work. The mud volcano in the baratang is one of the 8 mud volcano sites in Andaman. There are many museums in Andaman. But you must indulge yourself in the game fishing India sport where you should do deep sea fishing with eco friendly techniques. There is no night life in Andaman, so you can keep yourself equipped with your pastime and have a great holiday.


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