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Golden Tulip Amritsar
4.9 km from Amritsar Junction Railway Station, 7.2 km from Golden Temple, 7.6 km from Jallianwala Bagh, Restaurant, Bakery, Bar & lounge, Co... more »
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Hotel Golden Tulip -Exterior_View.jpg, Amritsar Golden Tulip Amritsar-Hotel-Golden-Tulip-Amritsar-Suite.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Golden Tulip -Hotel-Golden-Tulip-Amritsar-Kohinoor-Suite.jpg, Amritsar Golden Tulip Amritsar-Executive_Room_room.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Golden Tulip -Hotel-Golden-Tulip-Amritsar-Room.jpg, Amritsar
Hotel CJ International
Located just 15 metres Golden Temple and 100 metres from Jallianwala Bagh, 10 mts drive from the Railway Station. C J International offers c... more »
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C J International-C-J-International-Amritsar-Super-Deluxe-3.jpg, Amritsar C J International-C-J-International-Amritsar-Super-Deluxe-1.jpg, Amritsar C J International-C-J-International-Amritsar-Suite-1.jpg, Amritsar C J International-C-J-International-Amritsar-Super-Deluxe-2.jpg, Amritsar C J International-C-J-International-Amritsar-Standard-Room-3.jpg, Amritsar
Best Western Merrion
Located in Ranjit Avenue. 2.5 km from Railway Station, 3 km from Amritsar Bus Stand Best Western Merrion houses 40 air-conditioned rooms th... more »
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Hotel Best Western Merrion-executive suite_room.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Best Western Merrion-Exterior_View.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Best Western Merrion-Best-Western-Merrion-Amritsar-Executive-Room.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Best Western Merrion-Best-Western-Merrion-Amritsar-Royal-Suite.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Best Western Merrion-Hotel-Best-Western-Merrion-Amritsar-Deluxe.jpg, Amritsar
Hotel Hong Kong Inn
1 km from Golden Temple, 1 km from Amritsar Railway Station, 3.2 km from Jallianwala Bagh and Durgiana Temple Hotel Hong Kong Inn is a cent... more »
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Hotel Hong Kong Inn-Hotel-Hong-Kong-Inn-Amritsar-Family-Room-1.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Hong Kong Inn-Hotel-Hong-Kong-4-Beded-Family-Room-Interconneted-1.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Hong Kong Inn-Hotel-Hong-Kong-4-Beded-Family-Room-Interconneted-2.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Hong Kong Inn-Lords-Plaza-Surat-Luxury-4-beded-Room-1.jpg, Amritsar
Hyatt Amritsar
Hyatt Amritsar is nestled in the heart of the city, welcoming business and leisure travelers to enjoy a luxury stay at their 5 star deluxe h... more »


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Hyatt-Exterior_View.jpg, Amritsar Hyatt-Room.jpg, Amritsar Hyatt-Living_Area.jpg, Amritsar Hyatt-Lobby.jpg, Amritsar Hyatt-Lounge_1.jpg, Amritsar
Hotel P.R. Residency
Located in the Heart of Amritsar, this luxury 3 Star hotel in amritsar treats you in a Special way for your accommodation in amritsar. Guru ... more »
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Hotel P.R. Residency--Hotel-P-R-Residency-AmritsarTwin-Bedroom.jpg, Amritsar Hotel P.R. Residency--Hotel-P-R-Residency-Amritsar-Royale-Suite-.jpg, Amritsar Hotel P.R. Residency-_Exterior_View_.jpg, Amritsar Hotel P.R. Residency-Hotel-P.R.-Residency-Amritsar-Deluxe-Room-2.jpg, Amritsar Hotel P.R. Residency-Hotel-P.R.-Residency-Amritsar-Deluxe-Room-1.jpg, Amritsar
Shiraz Regency
2.5 km from Golden Temple and half kilometer from railway station, Free Pick-up from Railway station & Bus stand, Free Wi-Fi facility,30% di... more »
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Shiraz Regency-Shiraz-Regency-Super-Luxury-Room.jpg, Amritsar Shiraz Regency-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Amritsar Shiraz Regency-Studio_Room_1.jpg, Amritsar
Hotel Sapphire
150 metres from Golden Temple, 100 metres from Akal Takht and 500 metres from Jallianwala Bagh Hotel Sapphire is located within walking dis... more »
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Hotel Sapphire-Hotel-Sapphire-Amritsar-Comfort-Room.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sapphire-Hotel-Sapphire-family.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sapphire-Hotel-Sapphire-Amritsar-Family-Suite-Room.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sapphire-Hotel-Sapphire-Amritsar-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sapphire-Hotel-Sapphire-Amritsar-Executive.jpg, Amritsar
Ramada Amritsar
450 metres to Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh, 1 km from The Shaheed Bhagat Bus Station, 1.5 km from Amritsar Railway Station and 10 km ... more »
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Ramada-Ramada_Amritsar_Executive_Room_room.jpg, Amritsar Ramada-Ramada_Amritsar_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Amritsar Ramada-Ramada_Amritsar_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Amritsar
Hotel Sarovar Regency
Located just 130 metres away from the Golden Temple, Hotel Sarovar Regency offers a multi-cuisine restaurant and free Wi-Fi. Hotel Sarovar ... more »
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Hotel Sarovar Regency-Room_1.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sarovar Regency-_Room_2_.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sarovar Regency-Room_4_.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sarovar Regency-Room_3_.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Sarovar Regency-Hotel_Sarovar_Regency_Executive_Bedroom_2_room.jpg, Amritsar
Hotel Suncity Towers
Just 2.2 km from Amritsar Railway Station and 4 km from Golden Temple, Hotel Sun City Towers offers a travel desk and Free Wi-fi (only lobby... more »
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Hotel Suncity Towers-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Suncity Towers-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Suncity Towers-Corridor.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Suncity Towers-Corridor.jpg, Amritsar Hotel Suncity Towers-Hotel_Suncity_Towers_Super_Deluxe_Bedroom_3_room.jpg, Amritsar
Humble UNA Smart
Excellent new 4 star hotel, 2.7 km from Amritsar Bus Depot, 2 km from Cinepolis Golden Temple Located 3.2 kilometers from the Golden Temp... more »
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Humble UNA Smart-Exterior_View.jpg, Amritsar Humble UNA Smart-room2_room.jpg, Amritsar Humble UNA Smart-room3_room.jpg, Amritsar Humble UNA Smart-room1_room.jpg, Amritsar
Mango Hotel, Amritsar
Located just 3 kms from Golden Temple, 1.9 km from Amritsar Railway Station, 2.4 km from Celebration Mall. Hotel offers Free Wifi, restaura... more »
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Mango Suites | Apex-Mango-Suites-Apex-Business-Suite-Room.jpg, Amritsar Mango Suites | Apex-Mango-Suites-Apex-Club-Suites-Room.jpg, Amritsar Mango Suites | Apex-Mango-Suites-Apex-Executive-Room.jpg, Amritsar Mango Suites | Apex-Exterior_View_.jpg, Amritsar Mango Suites | Apex-Room_1_.jpg, Amritsar
Country Inn & Suites By Carlson
2.4 km from Jallianwala Bagh, 2.6 km from Golden Temple, 3.3 km from Durgiana Mandir, Swimming pool, Fitness centre, Business centre, Restau... more »
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Country Inn & Suites By Carlson-Exterior1372319184520.jpg, Amritsar Country Inn & Suites By Carlson-Country-Suite-Sitting-Area.jpg, Amritsar Country Inn & Suites By Carlson-Country-Inn-Suites-By-Carlson-Amritsar-Superior-Room.jpg, Amritsar Country Inn & Suites By Carlson--Country-Inn-Suites-By-Carlson-Amritsar-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Amritsar Country Inn & Suites By Carlson-Reception.jpg, Amritsar
MK Hotel
3.9 km from Amritsar Railway Station, 5.8 km from Golden Temple, 5.6 km from Jallianwala Bagh Located just 9.3 km away from the Amritsar Ai... more »
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M K Hotel-M-K-Hotel-Suite-Room-Images.jpg, Amritsar M K Hotel-M-K-Hotel-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Amritsar M K Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Amritsar M K Hotel-MK_Hotel_Deluxe_AC_Bedroom_2_room.jpg, Amritsar
Hotels in Amritsar, Book from 121 Amritsar Hotels with 700 Guest Reviews

Amritsar Overview: Hotels in Amritsar

Amritsar, located in the state of Punjab, is a showcase of Traditions and culture. The thriving city exhibits the the devout centres and historical monuments of its glorious past. Amritsar also known as jewel of Punjab is located in the Majha region of Punjab. It is a place where you find economic prosperity, natural heritage and religion all together. Amritsar is also a pilgrimage centre for the sikh religion where every sikh visits the Golden temple ones in their life time to have a divine bath to clean the soul. Amritsar holds a remarkable position in Punjab for be it economy or the Indo –Pak border or the pilgrim centre or the historical site that Amritsar holds.


The city is blessed with much social and hospitable people along with the good cuisine, dress, dance, and wonderful enthusiasm. And the best time to visit the “jewel city” is from the month of October to march as the weather is mild during this season. Apart from that Amritsar has extreme climate like rest of Punjab with summer reaching up to 49d/c and winter up to 4d/c. One can also visit during the month of july to September but must be ready for sudden shower. To reach the city one can travel in Air, Train or buses. Amritsar railway station is well connected to the major cities of the country and there is a railway line connecting to Pakistan as well. Airport is also well connected and to travel from airport to the city centre, there are cab facilities available. there are also public and private buses connecting to Delhi and other parts of Punjab.


Places to Visit

Amritsar has a lot of places to visit as a city, be it historical or be it religious place. The tourist attracted place in Amritsar are Ber baba Buddha, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, Wagah Border, Jallianwala Bagh, Rambagh Garden; the religious places are Akal Takht, Bibeksaar Sahib, Durgiana Temple, Golden Temple, Gurudwara Baba Atal and Khair – Ud – Din Masjid.

Hotels in Amritsar

As Amritsar attracts a lot of people being a pilgrim centre, so the Amritsar Hotels are in abundance. There are also budget hotels and luxurious hotels as well and if you are travelling during the month of October then it is the month of sikh festive season hence advance booking of the hotel is necessary.


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