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Hotel Puran Palace
Hotel Puran Palace is in proximity to Jain Mandir (1.8 km), Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib (3.2 km), Ambala Air Force Base (5.7 km), Planetarium... more »
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Hotel Puran Palace-Corridor 1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Puran Palace-Banquet Hall 1.jpg, Ambala
Ashoka Regency
Ashoka Regency, located on Nicholson Road, is within a short drive of the famous shopping and tourist destinations of Ambala. Arrangements f... more »
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Ashoka Regency-Exterior_View.jpg, Ambala Ashoka Regency-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Ashoka Regency-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Ashoka Regency-Room_3.jpg, Ambala Ashoka Regency-Room_4.jpg, Ambala
Space Hotel
A two star property, Space Hotel is an excellent option for common travellers and businessmen visiting the town of Ambala. The hotel offers ... more »
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Space Hotel-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Ambala Space Hotel-Executive_Room.jpg, Ambala
Best Western Country Woods Resort
Best Western Country Woods Resort is located in the charming city of Ambala. The railway station is 8 km away from the hotel. The hotel feat... more »
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Best Western Country Woods Resort-Facade.jpg, Ambala Best Western Country Woods Resort-Corporate Room_room1407395383022.jpg, Ambala Best Western Country Woods Resort-President Room Interior_room.jpg, Ambala
Hotel D.R. International
This is a budget property offering a comfortable accommodation with access to modern facilities and friendly service. The hotel is a good o... more »
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Hotel D.R. International -Reception.jpg, Ambala Hotel D.R. International -Lobby_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel D.R. International -Lobby_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel D.R. International -Double_Room_Ac.jpg, Ambala Hotel D.R. International -Room_1.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Grand Plaza
The hotel reflects the city's spirit in a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary sophistication. Recognised as a pioneer amongst lux... more »
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Hotel Grand Plaza-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grand Plaza-Hotel-Grand-Plaza-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grand Plaza-Hotel-Grand-Plaza-Ambala-Semi-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grand Plaza-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grand Plaza-Room_3.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Sukh Sagar
Hotel Sukh Sagar is an economic class property ideal for budget travellers visiting the town of Ambala. The hotel offers basic amenities to ... more »
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Hotel Sukh Sagar-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Sukh Sagar-Hotel-Sukh-Sagar-Ambala-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Ambala Hotel Sukh Sagar-Hotel-Sukh-Sagar-Ambala-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Ambala Hotel Sukh Sagar-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Sukh Sagar-Room_3.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Swagat
Conveniently located in Sadar Bazar area of Ambala, Hotel Swagat is a perfect accommodation option for common travellers as well as business... more »
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Hotel Swagat-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Swagat-Hotel-Swagat-Ambala-Semi-Deluxe.jpg, Ambala Hotel Swagat-Hotel Swagat-Ambala-Deluxe.jpg, Ambala Hotel Swagat-Hotel-Swagat-Ambala-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Ambala Hotel Swagat-Room_2.jpg, Ambala
MM Continental- 20 Kms from Ambala
Beautifully located in Ambala, MM Continental features air conditioned guest rooms with cable television. Free on-site parking is provided.... more »
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MM Continental-Deluxe_room.jpg, Ambala MM Continental-Twin_room.jpg, Ambala MM Continental-Luxury Room_room.jpg, Ambala MM Continental-Reception.jpg, Ambala MM Continental-Lobby.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Grace
The hotel offers accommodation in well-furnished room equipped with basic amenities. Facilities available at the hotel include Travel Desk, ... more »
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Hotel Grace-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grace-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grace-Room_3.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grace-Room_4.jpg, Ambala Hotel Grace-Room_5.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Royal Inn
Situated on Railway Road, Hotel Royal Inn is a good option for budget travellers visiting to the town of Ambala. The economic class property... more »
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Hotel Royal Inn-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Royal Inn-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Royal Inn-Room_3.jpg, Ambala Hotel Royal Inn-Room_4.jpg, Ambala Hotel Royal Inn-Room_5.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Deep Palace
A leading name of Indian hospitality, Hotel Deep Palace is strategically located at Rai Market, Ambala Cantt to welcome the guest with cont... more »
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Hotel Deep Palace-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Deep Palace-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Deep Palace-Room_3.jpg, Ambala Hotel Deep Palace-Room_4.jpg, Ambala Hotel Deep Palace-Room_5.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Solitaire
Hotel Solitaire is a budget property offering basic amenities to guests along with friendly service. This hotel is a good option for budget... more »
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Hotel Solitaire-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Solitaire-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Solitaire-Room_3.jpg, Ambala Hotel Solitaire-Room_4.jpg, Ambala Hotel Solitaire-Room_5.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Relax
The hotel offers accommodation in well-furnished rooms equipped with basic amenities. Each room of the hotel is well-furnished and spacious.... more »
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Hotel Relax-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Relax-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Relax-Room_3.jpg, Ambala Hotel Relax-Room_4.jpg, Ambala Hotel Relax-Room_5.jpg, Ambala
Hotel Kwality
Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel is a perfect destination for those looking for quality service at affordable price. Facilities ... more »
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Hotel Kwality-Room_1.jpg, Ambala Hotel Kwality-Room_2.jpg, Ambala Hotel Kwality-Room_3.jpg, Ambala Hotel Kwality-Room_4.jpg, Ambala Hotel Kwality-Room_5.jpg, Ambala

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Ambala Hotels Overview:

Divided into two parts, Ambala is a city situated on the border of Haryana. The aforementioned two parts are Ambala Cantt and Ambala City. Numerous views abound about the city. As per folklore, the city was founded by Amba Rajput in the 14th Century. Another one says the city derived its name after the deity and a revered mythical prowess – the Goddess Bhawani Amba, Mulana, Saha, Barara, Naggal and Shahzadpur are the other small towns of Ambala Cantt. Carrying on the same viewpoint, Ambala is popular on account of it being a highly famous Army Cantonment. It possesses a very oldest and pristinely largest Air Force Base. The hustle-bustle amidst the railway junction of Ambala is very popular too. People hailing from every faith stay here; namely, Jats, Sainis, etc. but Punjabi community is prevalent in quite a high number. The languages that are spoken in rampantly are Hindi and Punjabi. The drains in Ambala are also in abundance; the Markanda and its tributaries, the Dangri and its tributaries, the Ghagghar and its tributaries. The attractive features of Ambala that enthralls none and all are the splurging temples and Gurudwaras. Herein, the temple of ‘Kali Mata’ is highly famous. For the clothing range also, Ambala is utterly famous. Patel Park and City Park, which are in Ambala Cantt and Ambala City respectively, are two beautiful gardens.


Due to the things and stuffs that have been carrying and making their marks proudly in Ambala, the inflow of tourists is very high. The city lets you get a sneak peek into the highly terrained magnificence of the city. Budget Ambala Hotels are very famous and cater to the need of all and sundry. You are in for a lot of things when you have been to hotels in Ambala. Hotels in Ambala are very active in their services and are considered the best to show on their prowess. You may Book Ambala Hotels via and have a land of excursion unto you Ambala Hotels are popular for the hospitality that they deliver. Make My Trip is going to assist you in zeroing in on the cheap Ambala hotels. You are in for huge terrific ventures when you are in a quaintly occult sphere!


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