Aamby Valley City, Lonavala And Khandala Room Rates

Aamby Valley City, Lonavala And Khandala Room Rates



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3.9 /5 (Aamby Valley City Reviews)
Very Good

By Rajat Khandelwal

on 02 January, 2011


Not very warm, although amazing infrastructure.

By Madhur Malik

on 09 July, 2011


Great place and great ambience, but terrible service!

By Veena Palle

on 13 January, 2012


The Cottages do not have centralized hot water and instead have a Geyser in each unit.

By Swadesh Bhushan

on 22 June, 2015


1. Location is really outstanding as surrounded by hills and natural area. Perfectly developed. Cottages are built very nicely (incl interiors) 2. Highly expensive in terms of food, lodging etc. 3. Security at main gate frustrates you by taking out each and every luggage for scanner and if you carry any alcohol then you need leave it to security. 4. staff frustrates as they do less work and argument more (Not all staff but most of it) 5. There are several hidden things which are not given in website and you come to know when you actually check in. Totally irritating. 6. Driver even charged separately like 3 start hotel and you have no choice other than to pay it. 7. Most of fun activities are not working or in maintenance and no one will tell you till you pay/checked in. 8. I was so frustrated in one day that I had to escalate these all their managers. Though the manager were cooperative and accepted the reasons for frustration but it was too late as I had made a bad impression about the site. 9. Have you ever heard of a city/resort where you cannot take food/beverages from outside? which means you will have to eat/drink whatever is sold in Aamby Valley and that too highly expensive (Mumbai Taj is cheaper if you compare. 10. Services are not quite efficient or you will have escalate.

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