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Hong Kong Overview: Hotels in Hong Kong

Located on China's Southern coast, Hong Kong is one of the cheapest places to visit, which is why it is preferred by tourists from all over the world. It does not only offer modern entertainment but, with its ideal location beside Pearl River, it also provides amazing natural beauty. Hong Kong is a beautiful travel destination & you will certainly never get bored as there are so many excellent tourist attractions for you to enjoy and visit.

Major attractions of Hong Kong are:

Disneyland: It is the first theme park inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and is the fifth Magic Kingdom-style Park.

Victoria Peak: Perching on The Peak at 396 meters above sea level, The Peak Tower is one of the most stylish architectural Hong Kong attractions.

Wong Tai Sin Temple: The temple commemorates the famous monk of yore, Wong Tai Sin, who was born in the 4th century and became a deity at Heng Shan.

Ocean Park: With an area of 170 acres, it's one of the largest ocean parks in the world.

Kowloon Walled City

Sok Kwu Wan

Must Do:

Shopping: Everyone knows Hong Kong as a place of neon-lit retail pilgrimage. It's not the bargain destination it was, but Hong Kong is positively stuffed with swanky shopping malls and brand-name boutiques.

Nightlife: Hongkong offers all the excitement and magic of an amazing vibrant nightlife with a variety of International and Thai restaurants, late night discos and nightclubs, live bands, cocktail lounges and cabarets.

Adventure activities & entertainment: If you are in Hongkong, then never miss a chance to enjoy adventure activities like surfing, skiing and snowboarding. Experience great entertainment!

Hotels in Hong Kong:

If you visit Hong Kong, then you can find many affordable hotels in Hong Kong. When it comes to finding a cheap hotel in Hong Kong, you can certainly find a good one in areas that are close to transportation such as bus stops and train stations. You will find many budget hotels in the area too.


Hong Kong is a unique travel destination with a perfect mix of modernism but there are certain things to consider if you want to stay safe & have comfortable journey. The tips which may be useful for you are as follows:


1. Due to the warm climate, most places in Hong Kong are air conditioned and so a light sweater may be needed.

2. When visiting first class Western-style restaurants, a jacket and tie are generally required, so it is advisable to check first.

3. Hong Kong has a bad flu season over the winter months from December to March. Symptoms include cold with a high fever and aches and pains. You should wash your hands frequently, avoid anybody you know who has the flu and think about getting a flu shot before you travel.

4. Avoid drinking the local water as its quality varies enormously and depends on the pipes in the building you’re in.


Hongkong, also referred to as the Fragrant Harbor is SAR or Special Administrative Region of China. This destination beckons a large number of tourists. The imposing sky scrapers and chaotic mix of street markets, malls, and stores and various other attractions have made this place quite popular. There is no dearth of attractions for the tourists visiting this destination. Right from The Peak, Avenue of Stars, Hongkong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market to the Clock Tower and many other highly appealing sightseeing options. This place is also famous from trade and business point of view.</br>


If looking for luxury hotels in Hongkong, several options are available like Hongkong Disneyland Hotel, Regal Oriental Hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Harbour Grand Kowloon and many more. All these Hongkong hotels are known for offering high end amenities and facilities to the guests ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay. There are many budget hotels in Hongkong that are known to offer well appointed rooms with basic facilities offered in a highly courteous manner. Many Hongkong hotels are situated at such locations that the guests can enjoy panoramic views of the harbor. Watching these beautiful scenes make the stay more enjoyable for the tourists. 

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