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About Ranchi (IXR)

Situated on southern part of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau, the city is bestowed with a hilly terrain interspersed with thick tropical forests. Ranchi city experiences a sub-tropical climate with moderately hot summers and cold winters. Daily flights are available for Ranchi from important cities of the country. Before air travel to Ranchi, check cheap flights operated by various airlines. Prior to flight booking, don't forget to check flight schedule of the LCCs to Ranchi. After checking airfares book tickets as per your schedule. You can book the air tickets through online flight bookings system offered by leading airlines of the country.

About Patna (PAT)

A city with great historical importance, Patna was founded in the 5th century BC, and is located on the southern bank of the holy Ganges River, and also straddles the rivers of Kosi, Sone, and Gandak. The city enjoys a subtropical climate the whole year round, and also experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoons. The city has been the capital of many empires, such as the Magadha, the Mauryan, the Gupta, as well as the Pala Empire. The city attracts thousands of visitors each year, on business and leisure, many of whom prefer air travel to the city, as most airlines offer budget tickets for their daily flights to Patna.

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