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Siddharth Dehl

Reluctant writer, daydreamer, TV addict, impulsive runner, obsessive musician, travel enthusiast, and mostly higher powered.

Siddharth dehl's Blog Posts

Think wide-open grasslands with wildebeests, hyenas, and leopards roaming just metres away from your luxurious resort. Think 360 degree views of fl ... »


Why travel on Luxury Trains? For we know your wants are simple. Only the best will do the trick for you! Is travelling easy and &ls ... »

explore pokhra

Why Pokhara? Pokhara is one of the prime tourist destinations in Nepal. And why shouldn’t it be? The beauty of Phewa Lake and Annapurna ... »

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Here’s the story of the Star of Bethlehem as most of us know it. The year is 2 BC (approximately) when three mysterious foreigners appear in the lan ... »


  Lord Rama spent a few years of his 14-year-long vanvasa (exile) at Panchvati, a place known in the Ramayana for &lsqu ... »

Imagine being out on a glacial trek and finally finding a beautiful lakeside to pitch a tent. As you go closer to splash your face with a handful o ... »

This trip on the road to Leh was planned by the gods, I swear. It was a chance outing with a friend. Both of us were supposed to drive ... »

Right out of a dream, the crooked forest of Grayfino looks like you'll find the Madhatter walking around here somewhere. Whosoever planted thes ... »